Getting Results

Teaching Tips

Getting Results is
a series of self-paced teaching and learning modules for Community College Educators, provided by the League for Innovation. This multimedia online resource for community college faculty will challenge your previous thinking about teaching and learning and give you the basic tools for effective classroom practice. The key theme of the on-line course (six modules) is to encourage you to focus on what the students will do and take responsibility for their success. All six modules contain videos and examples drawn from specific community colleges as well as documents and teaching tips. The modules are self-paced and are designed especially for community college instructors. To start click on any module link.

Module 1: Creating a Community of Learners
See how getting to know your students and establishing a positive classroom environment can greatly increase student success.

Module 2: Planning for Outcomes
Watch this video to see how a group of teachers plan their courses to reinforce program goals and prepare students for the real-life experiences.

Module 3: Active Teaching and Learning
See how strategies such as hands-on activities or participating in group work increase student understanding and confidence.

Module 4: Moving Beyond the Classroom
Discover how industry and community connections provide students firsthand experiences of how to apply their learning

Module 5: Teaching with Technology
Explore two aspects of technology: technology used to teach and technology that students will use in the workplace.

Module 6: Assessing Teaching and Learning
Learn how to connect assessments to outcomes and evaluate both students' learning and your teaching.


Click here to begin Getting Results online course. Remember these modules are self-paced, interactive and full of valuable teaching tips.