Posting Midterm Progress Reports

Faculty are instructed to complete Midterm Progress Reports for students who are not performing satisfactorily. After faculty post Midterm Progress Reports, ITS will automatically send students an email notification to inform students of unsatisfactory progress toward course completion and encourage them to contact instructor(s) to discuss their progress.

Midterm Progress Reports should be posted  in Web Advisor by the due date provided by your AMT Coordinator.

Faculty are encouraged to inform their classes about Midterm Progress Reports and advise students to check their CPCC email accounts.

How To Post Midterm Reports:
Note: You will be timed-out after 30 minutes on any screen. For security reasons, DO NOT leave your computer unattended while using WebEmployee.

  1. From the WebEmployee Main Menu, select the “Faculty” link.
  2. On the WebAdvisor for Faculty Menu, select the “Grading” link.
  3. From the drop down menu, select the desired term (Fall or Spring XX)
  4. Click on submit.
  5. From the drop down menu on the Grading screen, select “Midterm/Intermediate” grading first!
    Hint:  Move your cursor and click outside of that box. Otherwise, when you scroll down, you may change your selection from “Midterm” to “Final” grading.
  6. Select class section; select “Submit”
    IMPORTANT – Check at the top of the class list. Be sure that it still says “Midterm Grading” If the screen reads “Final Grades” go back to the previous screen to select “Midterm/Intermediate Grading.”
  7. Enter “MID” for students who should receive Midterm Progress Report. Do not enter any other grades!
  8. When all “MID” grades have been entered, select “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Once “MID” grades have been submitted, revisions may continue until the end of the reporting period.


Contact your Advisement Management Team coordinator with any questions regarding Midterm Progress Reports.