If You are Unable to Teach

Listed below are general procedures for getting substitutes and making arrangements for your class(es) when you are absent. Your first contact should be your department and then follow your department policy.

  1. Notify your division office of your absence.  Locate your division telephone number in the CPCC e-Directory, call and leave a message.

  2. Notify the campus information desk or administrative secretary of your absence if you are at an outlying campus.

  3. Post signs both inside your classroom on the board and outside on the door or window clearly visible to students.  The information must include the class, section, day and time, and the date of your absence.  If you do not post as “Course name and number,  section XX will not meet today, month date and year" students will assume that each day is a day you are absent.  Be specific about the day the class will not meet.  Also include a contact name and number if anyone has questions. If you are unable to post a sign, contact someone in your department or campus to post indicating your absence.

  4. If you are acquiring a substitute for your class, this substitute MUST be credentialed – a Masters Degree and currently employed at CPCC.  State audit systems require that the person covering your class must be equally credentialed in order to be in compliance.

  5. Compensation for teaching your class is between you and your substitute.  You can trade off days or you can pay them yourself.  Check with your department for complete guidelines.