Gorelick Gallery Artist Talks: Marvin Espy, Elijah Kell, and Molly Partyka

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The works of artists Marvin Espy, Elijah Kell, and Molly Partyka are being exhibited at the Bill and Patty Gorelick Galleries at the Central Piedmont Levine Campus. Since March 2020, Central Piedmont has continued to bring art to the Central Piedmont and greater community as we learn and work from home. We invite you to join this year's Gorelick Gallery interns, Britney and Scotty, as they interview these artists to learn about their creative processes and inspiration.


Contact Jaimie Guzman at jaimie.guzman@cpcc.edu or Vanessa Stolen at vanessa.stolen@cpcc.edu with any questions.

About the Bill and Patty Gorelick Galleries

Mr. and Mrs. Gorelick made a donation to Central Piedmont in 2013 to establish a gallery on each of the college's six campuses. Their purpose was to bring art to students, employees, and visitors of the college. Each exhibit rotates from campus to campus to allow the art to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

About the Artists

Originally from Cincinnati, Marvin Espy is emerging as one of Charlotte’s most talented and versatile artists. He studied oils under the late Henry Koerner at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. In 2013, his works were featured in a number of venues around Charlotte. He won “Best of Show” at the Hart Witzen "Showdown Event" in 2013 and again in 2016. Since his premier in 2013, Espy has been featured in the Charlotte Business Journal's "Book of Lists" (2013, 2016), and was the 2018 cover. He has had art appearances at Art with Heart, Art Unleashed, FABO Art Café, and he has taught dozens of workshops and classes. Espy is currently showing numerous originals at Legion Brewing in South Park.
Elijah Kell is a glasswork artist whose artistic journey with glass began at the age of ten as a creative outlet from his struggles with dyslexia. Captivated by the process and possibilities, he immersed himself in the art of glass and has been developing his craft through self-study and experimentation. His exhibit "Icefields" is at the Gorelick Gallery on Levine Campus. Elijah Kell's art glasswork
Molly Broxterman Partyka, born and raised in Fort Thomas, KY, has lived in Charlotte since 1985. Nature, human nature, music, dance, emotions, and energy are influences and inspirations for her artistic expression. She was four years old when she began art lessons at the Cincinnati Art Museum. She works abstractly to convey the beauty of human interaction and nature in the simplest of forms: color, shape, and texture. Her use of acrylic painting, with its fluid and flexible nature, lends itself to visually give structure to the allure of nature and the complexity of human interaction, and the energy of life. Her goal is to have her art connect human experiences with the interplay of color, shapes, and texture and to inspire thoughts of travel and exploration. Molly Partyka's work

Marvin Espy Interview Recording

Elijah Kell and Molly Partyka Interview Recording


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