Enrollment and Student Services

Thank you for choosing Central Piedmont Community College and giving us, the faculty and staff, the opportunity to be a part of your future. We think you will find this is a college staffed by friendly and caring people who want very much to do all that we can to help you be successful in achieving your goals while you are here.

This website is part of that effort. We tried to design it so that it has a lot of  “survival information” of particular value to new students. So do yourself a favor and invest a few minutes in looking through it. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll learn.

You will also find useful information at our CPCC home page at www.cpcc.edu.

As a CPCC student you have access to a wide variety of online services: a free email account, data storage accessible from anywhere, access to your class schedule, grades, unofficial transcripts, registration, bill payments and online advisement. In addition to these services, well-staffed computing facilities for Internet access are available at all CPCC locations.

No website can anticipate all questions, or have all the answers, so please don’t be afraid to ask for additional help, information, or assistance.

Your fellow students, teachers, and counselors can all be very helpful, but you’re the one who will need to be willing to ask. Remember, everyone here has been a new college student at some time or other. We all know how important it is to help those who are “learning the ropes.”

Good Luck at CPCC!

Dr. Marcia Conston,
VP for Enrollment and Student Services