2014 Outstanding Student Award Recipients

The College’s annual Student Excellence Convocation was held on Sunday, April 27, in the Halton Theater to honor 69 outstanding CPCC students. Dr. Zeiss provided the opening remarks and introduced the guest speaker, Representative William Brawley (Mecklenburg County, 103rd District). Dr. Marcia Conston, vice president for Enrollment and Student Services, highlighted the special tribute to students. This year, Mr. Joel Moore, president-elect for the College Senate, provided recognition of each student. Instructors escorted award recipients across the stage to receive a plaque and acknowledgement.  Dr. Conston recognized Mr. Joseph Burch as the 2014 Coca-Cola New Century Scholar and All-USA Community College Academic Team member. Mr. Richard Zollinger, vice president for Learning and Workforce Development, congratulated students, parents and families of the participants then closed the event.

Congratulations to the 2014 Outstanding Student Award recipients for their collegiate, community and academic achievements.

A special thank you is extended to individuals across the college who contributed or participated in this year’s Student Excellence Convocation. Your hard work made this year’s ceremony another special event.