For Job Seekers

Build your skills

Learning programs at CPCC can build your skills, add credentials and offer workplace learning experience to help you become more competitive in the job market. Look for Energy Training Programs and visit the main College website.

To explore occupations and the associated academic programs, with our "What can I do with..." list.

Find a job

Degree-seeking students at CPCC can post a resume online, get resources and attend job fairs. Learn more in Career Services. You'll also want to join the CPCC LinkedIn group to get valuable, relevant information on your career success.

CPCC's Career Coach online tool lets you put in simple keywords or occupations, find online job listings, wage and hiring trends and more. You can also link to CPCC programs for a selected occupation.

Adapt and change careers

We can help you leverage your experience and gain updated skills to succeed in your next career. We offer assessment and counseling services designed to help guide you into your next career.

Explore careers and the job market

NCWorks Online for Job Seekers is a real-time useful tool that lets you search for jobs, explore careers and find more resources.

Find learning tracks specific to energy

The Center for Energy Workforce Development has a Get Into Energy Pathways Roadmap online to learn more about career/positions for students, educators and the energy industry