Paramedic Refresher Course

This is a hybrid course that will consist of 70 hours of on-line content combined with 16 hours of live class time for Skills / Scope of Practice and final written exam testing.

Students will review basic emergency care skills, study updates, the use of new equipment, and problem areas, working toward re-certification as a North Carolina EMT- Paramedic. Students will complete the necessary practical evaluations and scope of practice evaluations during the face-to -face sessions.

** This course will also include the transitions material for EMT-P to Paramedic.

The 2015 Paramedic Refresher Course is scheduled to begin September 14, 2015. Live meeting and skills testing will occur on October 24 and 25, 2014 in the Elizabeth Building (Central Campus), room 0101 and 0104.

. To register, call Customer Service at (704)330-4223. Course # EMT 7510-02

You will need to create your CPCC Login prior to midnight September 14, 2015.

To do so, go to and create a login and password.