Emergency Evacuation Plan

CPCC has established an Emergency Evacuation Plan to provide procedures for the systematic, safe, and orderly evacuation of effected areas in case of fire or other emergencies.


When An Alarm Sounds:

  • DO NOT use the elevators.
  • Evacuate the building. Close all interior doors and turn off lights behind you.
  • Move to the closest EXIT and proceed down the EXIT stairwell in a safe and orderly manner, single file, keeping to the right. Do not use the elevators.
  • All CPCC faculty and staff must assist students and visitors in a prompt and orderly evacuation to Rally Points, see sign example in Figure 1.
  • Remain at least 300 feet away from the building at the Rally Point. Await further instructions from College Security/Police Services, Building Captains or emergency response personnel.
  • DO NOT go back into the building for any reason, unless directed by College Security or Public Safety officials. If you have a problem or concern, please inform College Security/Police Services personnel, or Director of Business Continuity and Emergency Management.


Rally Point Locations

Central Campus:

  • All CPCC parking facilities
  • The Quad
  • Locations displaying the Rally Point sign (Figure 1)

All other campuses:

  • Rally Points are located in the parking lots.

Shelter in Place

Some emergencies may require that CPCC students, faculty, staff, and visitors shelter inside the building. Incidents such as a hazardous material release or a violent intruder are examples when it may be safer to Shelter in Place. Information concerning the event will be distributed through College Security/Police Services and other emergency communication methods such as the Critical Alert Emergency Notification System.

Law enforcement agencies may use the term “Lockdown” when directing occupants to Shelter in Place.

When directed to Shelter in Place, the following actions should be taken:

  • All students, faculty, staff, and visitors should move into or stay inside the closest permanent campus building.
  • Close and move away from all windows and doors. Lock or barricade doors if possible.
  • Remain in place until notified by College Security/Police Services or emergency response personnel that the incident has been cleared.

*Security personnel will secure exterior doors.