Online Training

Introduction to Moodle courses are now available online through LearnerWeb! If you need help accessing these courses in LW please refer to our Knowledge Base item.

Moodle 101: Introducing New Pathways to Learning
Moodle 102: Assessing eLearners

Both Moodle 101 and 102 are open enrollment courses, however they are offered in cohort sessions. A cohort is a group of individuals that are treated as a group. Your assigned cohort session community will move through this course over the course session, allowing time appropriate peer-to-peer/facilitator feedback and ongoing class discussions.

The Online cohort sessions are always scheduled on the 1st day of each month in LearnerWeb. Each session will remain open until the cut off dates below.

Moodle 101 and 102 courses are offered in 4 set sessions per semester. You would only need to take one session per course for PD credit, so choose which session would work best with your schedule. Each session is 1 month long. You can view the most current session enrollment and cut off dates below.


    Moodle 101 is a prerequisite for Moodle 102 to ensure proficiency in the LMS. You will not be able to register for Moodle 102 unless you have credit in LearnerWeb for Moodle 101 within the past two years. If it has been more than two years since you have last taken Intro to Moodle, Part 1, you will need to register again for Moodle 101.