DIY Videography for Entrepreneurs

Video is hot! For a small business owner, it’s also a powerful tool to jazz up your brand and engage more customers. This short course will teach you how to do it yourself using low-cost equipment — even your own phone — and free or low-cost software. As a bonus, each student who completes the course gets 2.5 hours of professional studio time to produce their video. No experience needed. Course covers start to finish: concept, development, writing, camera operation, and post-production.

For questions, call the Small Business Center.

To register, call Customer Service at 704.330.4223 or register online.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What equipment is available in the studio?

    We have a Panasonic AC90 AG-AC90 Camcorder that shoots HD Video, a full lighting kit, 2 audio lines of audio (Rode boom mic and wireless lavalier mic), backdrops (bright white and green screen) and tripods.

    When can I use the studio and how to I reserve the studio to use the time included with the class?

    The studio hours are Wednesday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students that have enrolled in the DIY Videography for Entrepreneurs course will receive 2.5 hours of time in the studio. Your course instructor will provide you detailed information on how to reserve time to use the studio.

    What do I need to bring with me when I come to film?

    Because studio time is limited, we encourage you to come to the studio ready to film with your script already prepared. This will help you to maximize your studio time, to ensure your video is cohesive, and that your video achieves your goals.

    Will you film my video?

    No, we offer limited assistance in the studio. The 2.5 hours of studio time is packaged with the DIY Videography for Entrepreneurs course so that you can apply what you have learned and produce an informational or promotional piece.

    How will I get my video footage?

    There are several options:

    • You may bring an Ultra SDHC card (at least 32 GB recommended) which can be inserted into the camera enabling direct recording to you personal Ultra SDHC card.
    • You may bring a USB stick with ample storage (at least 32Gb is recommended). After recording to our Ultra SDHC card you can transfer the files to your USB stick using the desktop computer in the studio.
    • Using a cloud storage program such as Dropbox is the simplest way to receive your files. You can be sent files via Dropbox regardless of whether you actually have your own account. This option is ideal for video footage under 10G. After recording you would simply use the desktop computer in the studio to transfer the recorded files from our SDHC card to your cloud storage account.
    • You are also welcome to bring a laptop to immediately transfer video footage to your computer immediately after filming. This is ideal for larger amounts of video footage, as the download time from a cloud storage program may be extensive. (Please be aware that the Panasonic AC90 AG-AC90 Ultra SDHC memory card is only compatible with a Windows PC Laptop.)

    Will you edit my video?

      No, you will learn about editing in the course (how to and available resources). You can also look into some of resources below to find the right person to hire if you do not wish to edit yourself.

      For those who prefer to edit the video themselves, here is a list of free, basic, and professional video editing software.

      • Free or Basic Paid Software: Windows Movie Maker, EZvid, VirtualDub, Wax, Lightworks, Sony Movie Studio
      • Professional Software: Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X10, Sony Vegas Pro