Proctored Exams

Non-CPCC Students

If you are a student from another institution who wants to take a proctored exam at CPCC, please visit the Testing & Assessment Center website (opens in new window) and contact them with any questions.

Current CPCC Students

If you are a current CPCC student and your online CPCC course requires proctored exams, your instructor may offer one or more of the following options to you. Please see your course syllabus, information posted in Blackboard or Moodle, or contact your instructor to see which choices are available for your course.

  1. Take the test at a CPCC Testing & Assessment Center
  2. Take the test online through Proctor U
  3. Secure a proctor in your community and have them approved

CPCC Testing & Assessment Center

Any exams proctored by a CPCC Testing Center must follow current rules and regulations. If your instructor offers CPCC Testing Centers for proctored exams, follow all processes and procedures of those centers.


ProctorU allows students to take a test from anywhere in the world. Exams are proctored through a webcam. There is a fee for the student for exams proctored through ProctorU. Any questions should be directed to your instructor or ProctorU. If you will be taking exams through ProctorU, download this file for more details.

External Proctors

If this option is offered for your course, you can take an exam at a non-CPCC location such as another academic institution, a library, or a military base with the instructor’s approval. Typically proctors will meet the following criteria, but the choice to approve any proctor is up to your instructor.

Criteria for recommendation are according to the following priority:

    • Local Community College Support Services Department.
    • College Professor, Administrator, or Librarian at an approved Testing Site.
    • For Military personnel, a commissioned officer whose rank is higher than the student's or the education officer on base.
    • A Principal, Counselor, or Superintendent at an approved Testing Site.


Your instructor will let you know how to submit a proctor for approval. Please gather the following information before contacting your instructor to request an external proctor.

About the student:

  • Full Name
  • CPCC Email Address
  • Course(s) including section number
  • Instructor (if being collected by someone other than the instructor)


    About the proctor:

    • Full Name
    • Organization
    • Position/Title
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Description of testing site


    Any questions about proctored exams should go to your instructor or the department that is offering the course (i.e. the math department).