Disability Services Testing Center-Central Campus

The Disability Services Testing Center (DSTC) at Central Campus is a distraction-reduced testing room. DSTC is an accommodation and it must be approved for student use.


Student and faculty responsibilities and directions for using the DSTC:



  • Must be approved to use the DSTC as an accommodation
  • To request DSTC as an accommodation please follow our procedure
  • Provide instructor(s) with your accommodation form(s) each semester for each class
  • Must read, sign, and submit the DSTC Contract to the Lab Facilitators before taking the first test in the DSTC
  • The student must schedule a testing appointment ONE WEEK in advance to guarantee the appointment
  • Must receive the accommodation form from the student that indicates use of DSTC
  • Once the student has scheduled a testing appointment, faculty are responsible for submitting the test to the DSTC

If you have questions about testing accommodations at any of the CPCC satellite campuses or locations, please contact Disability Services.

The pictures below display two computer stations (first picture on the left) and two CCTVs (second picture on the right) that are available in the Central Campus DSTC. The computer stations are equipped with accessible software programs, including Kurzweil, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Windows Eyes, NVDA, Zoomtext, and JAWS.


DSTC computer stations

CCTV stations










Disability Services Testing Center is equipped with surveillance cameras. DSTC follows the CPCC policy for academic integrity.