Alternative Format Textbooks

Students who have a documented print disability may request copies of their textbooks in alternative formats.   Alternative format textbooks are available in the following formats: 
  • eBooks (PDF or DOC files) reproduce the textbook page on your computer screen. You can increase the size of text and images, and the text can also be read aloud using screen-reading software such as Natural Reader a free text to speech software.  
  • Students can purchase a membership to Learning Ally to have access to Audiobook recordings.  The cost for Learning Ally membership is $49.00 Quarterly (4 months) or $119.00 for yearly membership. Membership includes access to 75,000 digitally recorded books both leisure and textbooks. Learning Ally allows you to listen to audiobooks on your personal computer, or MP3 player. 
  • Scanning of textbooks to create electronic text


 To request Alternative Format Textbooks, please complete our convenient  online form.



  • Students textbook(s) purchase must be verified by Disability Services before you can be provided with publisher files. Acceptable verfication is a copy of the students reciept of purchase of textbook(s) requested in e-format.
  • Alternative format textbook requests may take several days to a few weeks to process. To avoid delays in receiving your accessible materials, please submit an Alternative Format Textbook request form as soon as you have purchased your textbooks.
  • All textbooks may not be available in all formats.


For more information about Alternative Format Textbooks, please contact: 


Alysia Leak, Instructional Lab Facilitator

704-330-2722 ext. 3462