Curriculum Students Not Seeking Credentials


After submitting your application to CPCC:

Step 1. Go to “CPCC Login” to set up your userID and password. You will need a userID and password to gain access to student electronic services like e-mail, e-locker, computer login, and Blackboard courses, after registering and paying for classes.

Step 2. Obtain your residence status for tuition purposes as determined by the College. Applicants who wish to be classified as in-state are responsible for providing documentation if requested to do so.

Step 3. Meet Course Prerequisite Requirements. Take the placement test to meet prerequisites requirements for the class you will be taking at Central Piedmont Community College unless:

Step 4. Register and pay for classes. See " Tuition/Fees" for more information regarding payment.

Step 5. Have your CPCC student I.D. made.

Step 6. Participate in a new student orientation to learn what College resources and programs are available to you.