Auditing Courses


Students who wish to audit a course must complete an Audit Agreement form, have it signed by the course instructor, and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office at any CPCC Campus before the section census date, as found in the course syllabus. Senior Citizens 65 and over who are interested in auditing a course must contact the Registrar’s Office at any CPCC campus.

Registration procedures and fees for an audited class are the same as those for regular and non-credit enrollment. Certain courses, however, may be designated as inappropriate for audit. Non-credit courses may not be audited without permission from the appropriate dean. Students auditing a course must adhere to the instructor’s classroom policies.

The hours of an audited course will be counted as part of a student’s load and will be subject to overload restrictions. A record of the audit will be entered on the student’s transcript as "AU". The "AU" carries no college credit and will not be converted to a letter grade.

Audited courses are not covered by financial aid or veterans affairs.

Senior Citizen Registration for Auditing Courses

For more information go to Policy 5.12 Audits, Substitutions, and Waivers.