CPCC's Core 4

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In support of the Learning College initiative, four core competencies have been identified as critical to the success of every CPCC graduate:

  • Communication: the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and use nonverbal skills effectively with different audiences.
  • Critical Thinking: the ability to think using analysis, synthesis, evaluation, problem solving, judgment, and the creative process.
  • Personal Growth and Responsibility: the ability to understand and manage self, to function effectively in social and professional environments and to make reasoned judgments based on an understanding of the diversity of the world community.
  • Information Technology and Quantitative Literacy the ability to locate, understand, evaluate, and synthesize, information and data in a technological and data driven society.

The competencies were developed in response to requests from area employers, survey results from College faculty and staff, best practices of other learning colleges, results from the 21st Century Learning Outcomes Project, the CPCC general education goals, and current research on teaching and learning. To learn more about the CORE4, and how you can develop each of these competencies, visit the individual competency pages, Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Growth and Responsibility, and Information Technology and Quantitative Literacy. For the latest tips, resources, highlights and Core4 activities visit CPCC's CORE4 Blog!