Medical Emergency/Blood/Bodily Fluid Spill

Medical Emergency

When in need of medical assistance, call either of the following numbers:

  • College Security/Police Services from a campus phone:. . . . . . extension 6911
  • College Security/Police Services from a non-campus phone: . . .704.330.6911

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Location of the incident (be as specific as possible).
  • The nature of the illness or injury (if known).
  • The number of victims.
  • Your name and phone number.

Once EMS providers arrive they will assess the situation and transport the patient to the most appropriate medical facility based on their condition.

Blood/Bodily Fluid Spill

In the event you notice blood or bodily fluids, the following actions should
be taken:

  1. Call College Security/Police Services at extension 6911 (704.330.6911 from a non-campus phone).
  2. Security will notify Housekeeping for cleanup.
  3. DO NOT attempt to clean up a blood/bodily-fluid spill unless you are properly trained and equipped to do so.