Access to Buildings & Grounds

College Security Services

Access to CPCC Buildings and Grounds

CPCC’s grounds are open to visitors on a daily basis. Vehicular access to campus is controlled by uniformed security associates. Visitor parking is allowed in designated areas or by special permit. College facilities are open only to members of the College community and escorted or authorized visitors. Academic and administrative buildings are locked after normal working hours.

College Security Services will unlock all entrance doors. If you need access to a building after hours, weekends, or holidays, you will need to contact College Security Services to gain entry. Please provide Security with employee identification and always call Security dispatch before leaving the building so they can secure the building. Remember, most buildings have a security system in operation, which Security will handle when entering a building. Now is a great time for you to review the evacuation plan for the buildings that you routinely use.

For 24-hour entry to all buildings, you will need to contact College Security Services before entering. This includes weekends and holidays.

SECURITY FOR ENTRY: 704.330.6632

You may also email room entry requests or concerns to the Director or the Assistant Director of Campus Security at the specific campus:

Requests to open a campus door after 6:00 PM can also be sent to: Timothy Smith

NOTE: When the College is closed due to inclement weather, please understand that College Security Services will be very busy and unable to open buildings. If the forecast is questionable, take that important work home with you the evening before bad weather is expected.

Access Keys and Intellikeys

Access to the entrance doors of most buildings is limited to certain personnel, which reduces the likelihood of theft. The College Security Services Department is responsible for opening and locking the main doors to each building. Certain doors remain locked at all times and require a particular entry card or key. These doors are monitored by a software program that can tell us who entered a building and at what time. It will also indicate if a person with a card or key tries to enter an area to which he/she does not have authorization, and how many times they tried to enter the door.