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The Regional Effort to Advance Charlotte Information Technology (REACH IT) initiative provides postgraduate-level training in the field of IT.

With the demand for technology professionals continuing to rise, REACH IT students learn leading-edge technology skills that can offer you solutions to your everyday business needs. Learn more about current training areas.

REACH IT Participant Profile

Recipients of a REACH IT scholarship hold a college degree and bring a minimum of five years of work experience to the program. Participants have experience in industries such as banking and finance, health care and retail.

Interested in REACH IT participants?

Visit us on LinkedIn to connect with current and former participants.

Need to fill an open IT position or internship?

If you are looking to increase awareness of your open IT positions or internships to REACH IT participants or would like more information about the program, please complete a brief survey and someone will contact you shortly.

Once students complete an IT training track, employers have a unique opportunity to access REACH IT participants through an internship. Internships are structured, non-credit work experiences that allow students to gain exposure to their field of study. Employers benefit from internships also, by connecting with our most promising and talented students who may become potential employees. Employers will be able to interview and select interns based on their needs and scope of work.