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Launched in 2012, REACH IT enabled CPCC to provide much needed training to individuals in our community affected by the Great Recession. Designed to build the competitiveness of the American worker through advanced training, REACH IT served mid-skill professionals with post-baccalaureate training through the College’s Corporate and Continuing Education division. Training focused on critically needed information technology skills that are in demand in our region.

Biden Visit - Michelle & Kelly
Vice President Biden visits CPCC and shares in the success of REACH IT.

Senior Career Coach, Kelly Cochran, and REACH IT alumna, Michelle Lopez, shared information about the program. The Vice President spoke about the importance of community colleges and the skills and training opportunities they provide.

Success through REACH IT

"The skills I’ve learned through REACH IT have prepared me for my job as a Business Intelligence Report Developer. I feel confident that I can always find employment because of my new set of analytical skills." Tierna Oghoghomeh, Information Analytics Track.
Read more about Tierna's experience with the REACH IT program.
"Every day I use the skills I learned at CPCC. I wouldn’t be able to perform my job as a technician if it were not for my certification and CPCC education.” Michelle Lopez, Infrastructure Track.
"My training directly translated to employment in the IT field. I wouldn't have had a chance of getting the job I have now without the REACH IT scholarship I received." Jim Huyck, Information Analytics Track. Read more about Jim's experience with the REACH IT program.
"REACH IT has been a tremendous success for me personally.  Because of REACH IT, I have gained the skills and confidence necessary to be a valuable software developer.  I have been hired by what I feel is a great company that can see the value of my REACH IT experience.  Thank you". David Batts, .NET Development.
"The education and re-careering skills I received through the scholarship program are second to none," Shirley Allen, Data Analytics with Excel.


This workforce solution was funded by a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration – Grant Number: HG-22700-12-60-A-37.

Visit the North Carolina Technology Association for current IT Job Trends.

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