This is the official College and Career Readiness Volunteer Handbook.  Below you can find any information you may need.  Click here to download the full Volunteer Handbook.



      Getting to Know CPCC

        • History of the College
        • Vision, Mission and Values of CPCC

            Getting to Know the College and Career Readiness Department

              • Vision and Core Values of the College and Career Readiness Department
              • College and Career Readiness Program Overview
              • Frequently Asked Questions

              Volunteer Program Overview

                • Benefits
                • Volunteer Opportunities
                • Roles and Responsibilities
                • Confidentiality
                • Dress Code
                • Attendance Policy
                • E-Newsletter

                Volunteer Procedures

                  • Process
                  • Record Keeping and Time Tracking
                  • Scheduling
                  • Limitations of Volunteer Service
                  • Gifts and Gratuities
                  • Grievances
                  • Departure from Service
                  • Media and Communications
                  • Required Paperwork
                  • Frequently Asked Questions

                  Additional College Information

                    • College Maps
                    • Parking at CPCC
                    • Accessibility
                    • Policies and Procedures
                    • College Organization
                    • Equal Opportunity Program Policy
                    • Occupational Health and Safety
                    • Inclement Weather Plan
                    • Tobacco-Free College Policy
                    • Students' Rights
                    • Student Code of COnduct
                    • Safety
                    • Security
                    • What to do in an Emergency
                    • Frequently Asked Questions