Activities & Locations

Volunteer tutorWe need wonderful volunteers to:

  • Serve as tutors with College and Career Readiness students
  • Greet and assist new students as they visit the CCR Welcome Center on Central campus
  • Assist with marketing and student recruitment efforts
  • Assist with communication (phone, texts, emails) to current and potential students
  • Provide administrative and instructional support to faculty and staff
  • Serve as mentors to students needing guidance and support related to life and career decisions

*Central Campus evenings: If you would like to get started volunteering on Central Campus in the evenings, please reach out to Hands on Charlotte at

We are currently using volunteers at three campus locations:  Cato, Central, and Harper.  Please select a location below to learn more about the volunteer tutoring opportunities available.  We are in need of greeters, communication specialists, and instructional assistants at all locations.

**For ESL Volunteer opportunities please contact the CCR Volunteer Tutoring Team directly at or 704-330-4274.