Pathways to Careers


Pathways to Careers offers qualified students the unique chance to work toward completion of their high school equivalency diploma while receiving occupational and work readiness training.

All Pathways to Careers scholars will attend CPCC as full-time students. Financial tuition assistance may be available for eligible Pathways to Careers scholars.

Additionally, Pathways to Careers scholars receive academic assessments and advising to determine their placement into one of the following programs:

  • Bridge to Careers: is designed to build academic skills while providing students with an opportunity to explore college and career options. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to earn their Career Readiness Certification. Students who complete Bridge to Careers may continue their education as a CPCC Pathways to Employment scholar and work towards preparing to receive their High School Equivalency Diploma (GED) if needed.
  • Pathways to Employment: Pathways to Employment prepares students for entry-level employment in high-demand careers.  The program integrates academic skill development, career advising, work readiness training and occupation-specific training through college-level courses.  Students who complete their chosen Pathways to Employment program earn industry-specific occupational certificates.  A high school diploma is not required. Students can prepare for the high school equivalency diploma while they earn college credit.