Vision and Core Values

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Our vision is to become a national leader in adult education by responding to students’ needs and providing innovative pathways to economic and personal self-sufficiency.

Core Values

  1. Innovation
    We encourage and reward creative and innovative thinking in program delivery to better prepare our students for the workforce. We promote accelerated learning, encourage the meaningful use of technology, and promote student creativity.
  2. Collaboration
    We embrace opportunities to collectively plan and deliver services to adult learners that stimulate and support educational and career opportunities. We believe that by working together we can achieve more than individuals working separately.
  3. Responsiveness
    We listen to our learners’ needs and maintain flexibility to ensure that all learners have an opportunity for success. We anticipate change and continually explore options to improve our work.
  4. Excellence
    We are committed to an accountable, efficient, and quality adult education system. We thrive to be the best in everything we do and recognize the achievements of faculty, staff, and students. We are passionate about delivering superior services to adult learners.
  5. Commitment
    We develop effective solutions to overcome internal and external obstacles to achieve success for adult learners. We create a work environment that fosters professional growth and continuous improvement. We treat each other with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the value of diversity.