Why should my college or institution be interested in CCO?

Online courses, while convenient and cost-effective to deliver, can be expensive to develop and maintain. CCO allows community colleges to expand their non-credit online course offerings by tapping into an existing pool of already developed and tested online courses.

How is CCO different from other providers of online course platforms or turnkey courses?

Since CCO was developed by a team of community college administrators, technology experts and practitioners, its members can count on an experience and products that reflect the community college’s commitment to innovation, workforce training and professional development.

How will students know about CCO courses?

CCO courses will appear in each college or institution’s non-credit course catalog. In addition, CCO will provide member colleges with template for partners to customize marketing materials for each course.

How do students register for CCO courses?

Each CCO member college will register and enroll its own students in its own data management system. CCO member colleges will identify a staff member to handle and exchange information with his or her CCO counterpart.

How can my college/institution add courses to the CCO platform?

At this time, CCO members will only be able to access already available courses from the CCO library. The course deposit capability will be added at a later date.

What level of customization is available to us if we become members of CCO?

All CCO courses will be branded with your institution’s logo to ensure that your students experience the course as part of your own educational community.

How does my college or institution access student’s grades upon completion of the program?

Individual CCO course instructors and a CCO member college/institution staff member liaison will exchange student information at the end of each term.

I’m interested in being a partner with CCO and offering its online non-credit training classes, what are the next steps?

Contact us to request more information.  We will be happy to set up a time to answer any questions you may have.