Courses offered at Myers Park High School

Choose from this listing of courses (shown by start date) available spring 2015 at Myers Park High School. For details and to register, call 704.330.4223.

Ideas? We welcome your suggestions on additional courses to bring to Myers Park High School. Send an email now.

Languages and Culture

CourseStart Date
Beginning Spanish I Jan. 26
Beginning Spanish II Jan. 28
Beginning Spanish III Jan. 26
Intermediate Spanish Jan. 28
Beginning French I Jan. 26
Beginning French II Jan. 28
Beginning German I Jan. 26
Beginning German II Jan. 28
Beginning Italian I Jan. 26
Beginning Italian II Jan. 28
Beginning Conversational Chinese Jan. 26
Beginning Chinese II Jan. 28


CourseStart Date
Basic Acrylic Painting Jan. 28
Basics of Colored Pencil Drawing Jan. 28
Basic Watercolor Techniques Feb. 9
Basic Drawing Techniques Feb. 9


CourseStart Date
Tai Chi for Health Feb. 4

Note that prior registration is required. For the latest information and to reserve your space, call Customer Service at 704.330.4223.