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Let CPCC help you learn Mandarin Chinese. We offer two introductory courses to give you the basics, including fundamental vocabulary and speaking skills.






Beginning Conversational Chinese I

Start learning the Mandarin Chinese language in our 30-hour introductory course for conversational Chinese. Designed for those with little or no experience in the language, you'll build vocabulary, grammar, speaking skills and better understand cultural traits to improve communication. (LAN 8014)
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Beginning Chinese II

If you have the basics of the Mandarin Chinese language, this course helps you to build vocabulary, grammar speaking skills, and to better understand cultural traits to improve communication. (LAN 8019)
Course Schedule

Call 704.330.4223 or visit our online registration to enroll today.


Some courses are offered at Myers Park High School on Monday or Wednesday evenings. Check the Course Schedules above for location, dates and times.



Custom or specialty courses to learn Chinese

CPCC offers custom engagements with organizations or businesses. For more information, contact the Corporate Learning Center at 704.330.4660. Get your free quotes!