Programming Fundamentals with C#/.NET

Programming Fundamentals with C#/.NET Certificate

C# (pronounced "C-sharp") is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that aims to combine the computing power of C++ with the programming ease of Visual Basic. C# is based on C++ and contains features similar to those of Java. C# is designed to work with Microsoft's .Net platform. Microsoft's aim is to facilitate the exchange of information and services over the Web, and to enable developers to build highly portable applications. Because programmers can build on existing code, rather than repeatedly duplicating it, C# is expected to make it faster and less expensive to get new products and services to market.


These two classes are required for the Programming Fundamentals with C#/.NET Certificate:

C#/.NET Core Programming

C#/.NET Enterprise Programming


Industry Certification:

After completing the Programming Fundamentals with C#/.NET Certificate you will be prepared to take the following certifications:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-361
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Programming in C#  70-483


Other Advanced classes after completing the Certificate: