IT Career Management

    What it is and how to achieve it:

    Whether you're interested in changing occupations, developing new IT skills to further your existing career, or planning to re-enter the workforce, our classes are designed to support professionals in transition.

    We have built a program around the components of an effective career advancement plan,  that supports you throughout your journey.


    Essential components of an effective career advancement plan:

    • Expanding your skills sets and strategically aligning them with your professional goals.
    • Identifying interests and transferable competencies that lead to a change of roles.
    • Becoming a self-advocate by taking the initiative to ask directly and specifically for what you need.
    • Developing and maximizing your professional connections to discover new, fresh opportunities.


    IT Career Management Courses:

    We have proven success of helping mid-career professionals, like you, advance their careers through IT skills.  Through our Department of Labor grant (REACH IT), we trained over 650 people with 62% of the participants entering employment within 3 months of completing their programs.

    Step 1: Career exploration and strategic course alignment to career goals

    • The Essential Technologist
      This workshop is designed to help you better understand today's technology and the impact it has on your job and a successful career. You'll explore skills required in various roles and come away with a strategic approach to a new career or to advancing your current role. You will be working with the Executive Director and Career Development Coach in a small group setting.


    Step 2:  Career Management

    • Career Plan Implementation for the Technologist
      This boutique workshop is designed to teach you how to sell yourself in today's competitive job market. Components of this class include creating a 30-second commercial and personal branding strategy; designing a Linked-In profile; developing a high-impact resume; and preparing for job interviews. You will be working directly with our IT Career Development Coach in a small group setting.


    • Powerful LinkedIn Profile for Technologists - **Coming this Summer
      LinkedIn is an important tool for companies and professionals as one of the primary online business networking tools.  Whether you are looking to get hired or network with industry leaders or promote yourself, LinkedIn is the place to be.  In this workshop, you will learn how to make your LinkedIn profile portray you as a top notch professional and help you strategically build an online presence that gets you closer to your career goals.


      • Tech Portfolio for Technologists ** Coming this Fall
        The "power of digital portfolios" is a must for anyone wanting to showcase their technical skills. In this workshop, you will learn how to develop and modify the contents of your digital portfolio to meet specific goals, including creating a personal web site, setting up links to samples of your work, and connecting your portfolio to your LinkedIn profile.   You will be working directly with our Sr. Technical  Trainer in a small group setting.


        • Negotiation Skills for Technologist **Coming this Summer
          When people feel underpaid, they frequently make strategic errors in their approach to solving the problem.  During this session, you will discover how to determine your worth in the job market, practice the skills needed to persuasively ask for what you want, and learn how to be your own best advocate.


        • Networking Made Easy
          The idea of networking is intimidating and maybe even scary. But in a competitive job market, making meaningful connections with others is the surest way to advance your career. In this workshop you will establish goals for your networking efforts, learn techniques that get the best results, and practice conversation skills that will help you achieve your career management goals.


        Step 3:  Career Development

        • DiSC Profile for Career Management **Coming Fall 2018
          DiSC is the leading personal assessment tool used by millions of people every year to improve productivity and teamwork. It can also provide guidance and clarity to your Career Management efforts. During this workshop, you will complete a DiSC profile and received a 20-page customized report about your personality and behavior. You will then engage in an interactive experience focused on improving self-awareness, understanding others' personal styles, and enhancing your ability to connect with others. You can schedule this workshop for your entire team or just for you.




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