Business Resources


Ready to add to your workforce or improve worker performance? CPCC can help employers and small business owners prepare and keep a ready, talented and knowledgeable workforce. Look for flexible, focused programming and services that cover all aspects of business operations and workforce development. Fee-based public classes for employees, as well as get custom programming meet your unique challenges.



Corporate Learning Center

This is your gateway to experienced professionals eager to partner with your company or organization. Regardless of size or level of commitment, bring us your group training needs. We will also connect you with state economic development resources including the NCWorks Customized Training program.

Global Logistics Center

For employers who want to expand and succeed in global operations, we offer programming in supply chain management, compliance, engineering operations, business processes and project management and more.

Small Business Center

For those who want to start or to grow a small business, you'll find complete training and services, including free seminars, counseling and more. Ready to go global? The center also has an International Training Center.

Workplace Learning

Selected students may earn credit while working and learning in business and industry. Learn more about internships, Co-op and Apprenticeship Charlotte.

Conference and Meeting Facilities

The Harris Conference Center is located conveniently near the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. The College also has six campuses located throughout Mecklenburg County with rental space available.

Rent a CPCC facility
Halton Theater and Overcash Performing Arts Center

Procurement and Employment

If you are a contractor or vendor, learn more about doing business with CPCC. Find out more about full-time positions and part-time teaching and career opportunities with CPCC.