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Students & Graduates

Q: Where are you located?
A: We have made getting in touch with Career Services easy! You can get help at all CPCC Campuses. Get names of counselors, their hours and locations by visiting the Our Staff & Locations page.

Q: When is the next Career Fair?
A: Career Services hosts Career Fairs at least once a year in the spring. Get information on the next Career Fair by visiting the Students & Graduates section.

Q: Do you have anything in Career Services to help me with planning my career?
A: Career Services provides a variety of resources to help you explore careers and search for jobs. Career counseling is available by appointment for CPCC students currently enrolled in a curriculum program, and assistance searching for jobs is available on a walk-in basis. Lists of full-time and part-time jobs as well as internships and volunteer positions are available on our website. The job list and information resources are available to students 24 hours a day online.

Q: When should I start to use Career Services?
A: It is never too early to explore the resources offered by Career Services. You are welcome to visit our offices for career guidance and job search assistance or take advantage of the services online.

Q: I'm graduating soon. What can Career Services offer to help me find a job?
A: We can help you with the following:

Creating resumes and cover letters

Sending your resume to employers

Identifying and researching potential employers

Completing applications for professional jobs

Meeting with potential employers on campus

Career Fairs

Career-related presentations and workshops

Career Panels

Interviewing skills

Come in now. Don't wait until you have graduated.

Q: When I choose a program, won't it limit my career options?
A: As you can see from the variety of programs available, you have a wide choice of programs to match skills and career interests. We encourage you to explore your individual skills, interests and personality to ensure you are well equipped for future career transitions, and to provide the greatest possible range of career opportunities, including co-ops and internships.

Q: I have never been to a counselor before. What happens?
A: You are not alone. If it would make you feel less nervous, think of us as helpers. We will listen to your concerns and help you sort through all your questions. By talking with someone who is objective, it will be easier to decide on career options. Click here to learn more about what to expect.

Q: Can you help me write a resume?
A: Many like using a resume software program called WinWay. Its located at all our campuses and on selected Library computers. Bring a flash drive with you or save to your eLocker so you can save your resume for use at home. A career counselor will offer suggestions so you leave with a professional resume. An online resume program can also be found on employmeNC (formerly Connections) our online job posting board. This is best for individuals with knowledge of Word and basic computer skills.

Q: May I have my resume critiqued by email?
A: Certainly. Send your resume to career.services@cpcc.edu; we'll be happy to provide feedback and help you with your resume.

Q: I want to take a test that will tell me what career is best for me. Does Career Services have a test like this?
A: Career Services has ways to assess how your interests, values, skills and personality match certain careers. After completing our "assessments" you will get a list of possible careers best suited for you.

Q: How do I find a job on campus?
A: The best advice is to go directly to the department for which you want to work and ask. Do this before the semester starts for the best opportunities. Work-study students fill several on-campus jobs. To see if you qualify, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Q: I need a part-time job while attending classes. Can Career Services help me?
A: Lots of employers want CPCC students. They list their job openings on our online job posting service called employmeNC (formerly Connections). You can register for jobs from home! Visit employmeNC for your next job opportunity. If you need assistance contact our office at 704.330.6433.

Q: Does Career Services assist CPCC graduates?
A: Yes, CPCC can assist individuals who have graduated with a CPCC Degree or Diploma.

Q: I am currently enrolled in summer classes at CPCC. I want to change my program of study but I don't know which program to choose. Can Career Services help me?
A: Yes. If you are undecided about a program of study and would like assistance, consider signing up for career counseling. For more information click on this link...Career Counseling.




Q: I have a job opening. How do I list it with Career Services?
Career Services allows employers to post job openings for free. The process is easy and our students are encouraged to seek employment at the site. Post your job using employmeNC.

Q: When will Career Services host another Career Fair?
A:  Typically our annual career fair is held in early March.  Contact the Career Fair Coordinator for a specific date: 704.330.6433More information about our career fairs.

Q: I don't have internet access at work. How can I get my job posted online? A: You may submit a completed job listing form and we will enter it for you. It is strongly recommended that--whenever possible--employers post their own jobs in order manage the accuracy of the posting and interviews with candidates. Click here for a job listing form. For additional assistance call 704.330.6433.

Q: Does Career Services have year-round on-campus recruitment for area employers to recruit applicants?
A: Yes, we do have on-campus recruitment during each semester of the school year. Employers may call the on-campus recruiting coordinator, Traci Panik at 704-330-6588, to arrange recruitment dates based on their hiring needs.

Q: I'd like to know the current salary market for a particular occupation?
A: Career Services has a comprehensive page of career related websites to assist you. Click here to access the Career Links page.

Q: When are students on break?
A: View CPCC's Academic Calendar.




Q: When is the next Career Fair?
A: Get information on the upcoming Fair.

Q: What type of services are provided by Career Services for instructors?
A: View career services for faculty/staff.

Q: How can I get in contact with Career Services?
A: You may contact Career Services as a department or find individual counselor's contact information.

Q: I need a part-time student worker in my department? Can I post the position with Career Services?
A: Yes, we welcome your part-time position postings!  Use employmeNC, our free online job posting site.

Q: What should I do when an employer approaches me about hiring CPCC Students?
A: Have the employer contact Career Services. Career Counselors at all campuses can assist recruiters with their hiring needs. How you can help - Read about EEO compliance in NACE's Faculty Guide to Ethical & Legal Standards in Student Hiring




Q: When is the next Career Fair?
A: Get information on the upcoming Fair.

Q: What resources does my student have for finding a job.
A: Online job postings on employmeNC, access to a Directory of Companies, and individual resume and interview assistance are just a few of the services we offer to CPCC Students and Graduates. See the Students/Graduates section of our website for detailed information about career assistance for students.

Q: My student is unsure about what occupational field he or she would like to pursue. Can Career Services help?
A: Yes. Career Services offers career counseling to current and prospective CPCC Students. We encourage your son or daughter to contact us to learn more about the Career Target Program and other services we offer to help those who are undecided about their career goals.




Q: What service do you provide for members of the community?
A: We have a section of our website dedicated to  Additional  Resources for the Community

Q: What about Continuing Education Students?
A: At this time, Career Services is available to students enrolled in the College's curriculum programs pursuing a degree, diploma, or certificate

Q: When is the next Career Fair?
A: Get information on upcoming Fair.

Q: Can you tell me how to go about setting up my own business?
A: CPCC Corporate and Continuing Education runs a small business center called the Institute for Entrepreneurship through which individuals can learn about starting and maintaining a business. Get more information or call 704-330-4651.

Q: Do I need a cover letter with my resume?
A: Cover letters, in most instances, accompany the resume and are read by the employer before the resume. It is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the employer, and convey the skills you have that meet the employer's needs.

Q: Do I have to be a CPCC student to use Career Services?
A: Career Services is available to currently-enrolled curriculum students and graduates holding a degree, diploma, or curriculum certificate from CPCC.

Graduate Student Interns/Peer Advisors

Q: Does Career Services provide internships for graduate students who are pursuing counseling degrees?
Yes. Download the Intern Expectations document to learn more (300k+ PDF).