Student & Graduate Services

Does your student need a job?
Job listings from Charlotte employers are available online on our website. Your student can search for full or part-time jobs and can apply for them directly online!

Direct your student to Career Services Students/Graduates page and then click on the Job Listings button.

Is your student undecided about which occupation to pursue?
Tell them about the Career Target Program. Currently enrolled CPCC students who are unsure of what program to choose may take advantage of this comprehensive career counseling program. Prospective students must have completed a CPCC Application and taken placement tests. Career assessments are available to students as part of the career development process.

Career Assistance Online
Students can get their career questions answered online. Visit our Got a Question page.

Résumé Writing
We have a résumé writing program to assist students in creating a professional résumé. A counselor will help your student design a winning résumé.

Individual Employment Assistance
Career counselors are available by appointment to assist CPCC Students and Graduates with their career development and other employment matters.

Career Fairs feature employers who are looking for individuals from a variety of career areas.

Workshops & Events
A great way to learn career information and get advice! Examples of topics include: Interviewing, Applications, and Jobs Online for CPCC students. Online versions of these tutorials are available online. Events are listed in the Students & Graduates section and on employmeNC--our job posting website.

Résumé Referral
This free service is available to CPCC graduates and curriculum students who have completed a minimum of 32 credits in their AAS or Diploma program. Résumés are sent to employers listing full-time, professional positions with Career Services.

On-Campus Recruiting
On-campus recruiting events are scheduled regularly, employers offer for full-time and part-time positions. Students can check the events page for more information.

Additional Resources
Be sure to review the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Web website. It has more helpful information to assist parents with preparing students for college.

Career Transition Services
Do you know someone who is making a career change or needs career planning and is not a curriculum student at CPCC?

Career Counseling for community members is available for a reasonable fee. Clients meet in a small group or individually to discuss career issues develop a career action plan. Assistance with resumes and job search advice is available. For details, visit our Career Transition Services web page then call 704.330.6433.