Cabinet, Deans and Associate Vice Presidents

Cabinet Deans  | Associate Vice Presidents 


Dr. Kandi W. Deitemeyer - President 

Dr. Kevin R. McCarthy - Academic Affairs Transition Team Leader 

Michael W. Whiteman - Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services

Dr. Marcia Conston - Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services

David S. Kim - Vice President for Information Technology and Research Services / Chief Information Officer

Jeffrey C. Lowrance - Vice President for Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

Dr. Tracie S. Clark - Special Assistant to the President


Dr. Paul J. Koehnke - Dean, Central Campus

George A. Henderson - Dean, Cato Campus

Steve Corriher - Interim Dean, Harper Campus

Dr. Edith V. McElroy - Dean, Levine Campus

Tamara S. Williams - Dean, Merancas Campus

Karen E. Pauly - Dean, College and Career Readiness

Maureen L. Dever-Bumba - Dean, Health Professions and Human Services

Gloria A. Kelley - Dean, Libraries

Christopher K. Paynter - Dean, STEM

Gregory D. Stanley - Dean, Admissions, Records and Registration

Dr. JJ McEachern - Dean, Enrollment Management

Dr. April D. Jones - Dean, Enrollment Services

Dr. Clint. McElroy - Dean, Retention Services

Mark E. Helms - Dean, Student Life and Service Learning

Associate Vice Presidents 

Dr. Kelly Trainor - Interim, Associate Vice President of Workforce Development, Corporate Learning, and Business Engagement

Vicki G. Saville - Associate Vice President, Facilities and Construction

Jessica D. Boyce - Associate Vice President, Financial and Auxiliary Services

Katie T. Jones - Associate Vice President, Foundation Finance

Michael Horn - Associate Vice President, Government Relations and Grants


Open Position: Dean, Harris Campus