Business Analytics

What is Business Analytics?

”Business analytics is the process of transforming data, from a variety of sources and of a variety of types, into insights that support, improve and/or automate business decisions, using technological, quantitative and presentation techniques.” (ORATER Project) Business analytics processes specifically include data management, data visualization, predictive modeling, data mining, forecast simulation and optimization. (Wake Forest) Organizations can utilize this analyzed data to create plans, explore alternatives, monitor operational and financial performance, allocate resources, predict future outcomes and respond to changes in the business environment. (KPMG)

Why is there a demand for Business Analytics Professionals?

There is a growing demand for professionals who are capable of extracting and making meaning of the massive amounts of data available to most organizations today. As the amount of information available to organizations continues to grow there is a strong need to make meaning of this data so as to have a competitive edge in industry. Business Analytics can be used in any department, from sales to product development to customer service. Graduates qualify for employment as data technicians, data scientists and analysts in the fields of banking, finance, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology and government organizations. Average salaries for an analyst begin at $33,000. (

Why study Business Analytics at CPCC?

A business analytics student’s strengths should include mathematical, quantitative and statistical analysis and basic spreadsheet usage. The core courses are designed to provide graduates with the knowledge, critical thinking, decision making, written and oral communication skills required for success in the analytics profession. Through a combination of in-class instruction and practical workforce learning, program graduates are prepared to pursue nationally recognized credentials and licenses.

Our instructors have earned advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, have relevant professional experience, are connected to today’s business and industry, and provide the personal attention you need to succeed. Our classes are affordable and are offered on different campuses during the day, in the evenings and online.

CPCC will offer two certificates in Fall 2017:

  1. Financial Analytics targeting the financial industry
  2. Logistics Analytics (Supply Chain Analytics) targeting the supply chain industry