Meet Your Digital Marketing Instructor: Caitlin Sellers Castevens

Digital Marketing Instructor Caitlin Sellers Castevens

Caitlin brings over a decade of experience leading digital sales and bringing inbound marketing expertise to teams, leaders, and entrepreneurs. She has been dubbed a “digital marketing therapist" by colleagues and clients alike. She builds effective solutions and solves sticky problems, all with an eye toward ensuring data-focused growth and community at the core.

In addition to leading her small business, Caitlin joined HubSpot partner Clariant Creative in 2019 as an inbound marketing specialist. There she guides small and medium-sized businesses to grow with inbound sales and marketing.

Caitlin is a board member for her neighborhood merchants’ association, where she took on the opportunity in 2017 to co-found and organize the Charlotte Student Entrepreneur Summit with local non-profit Ultreia Society. The recent third annual summit served more than 150 high school students and community leaders.

As a dedicated champion for local entrepreneurs and small business owners, Caitlin is a co-host and co-founder of podcast Lady Tech Charmers, focused on women in technology and female leadership. She is a founding board member of Carolina Women in Tech (CWIT). CWIT serves close to 2,000 women regionally with a mentorship program, scholarships, job board, and monthly events.  

Caitlin also launched the Charlotte chapter of Levo League in 2013, one of the largest international networks for female-identified early- and mid-career professionals growing to nearly 1,000 members locally and working with dozens of community organizers world-wide.

Caitlin is a believer in the importance of empowering women to utilize technology to build a career of their dreams.