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Information For Part-Time Instructors

Welcome to Central Piedmont Community College and thank you for teaching for us. This page was put together to help you navigate through the semester. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the division office at any time to let us know.

Part-Time Faculty Touchdown Stations: Touchdown Stations

Teaching and Learning Program Spring 2015


Behavioral and Social Sciences Division

Stacy MooreMr. Stacy Moore, Division Director
Office: Levine  Campus, LV 3434
Ph: (704) 330-2722 x7294; Fax: (704) 330-6009


Beau Bowers, Discipline Chair, Anthropology
Office: Levine Campus, LV-2452
Ph: (704) 330-4257; Fax: (704) 330-4270


Click For Larger ImageSusan Autry, Discipline Chair, History
Office: Merancas Campus, CJ-116
Ph: (704) 330-4167; Fax: (704) 330-4120


Dr. David Petts, Discipline Chair, Political Science
Office: Levine Campus, LV-2448
Ph: (704) 330-4251; Fax: (704) 330-4270


Jeff ScaggsJeffrey Scaggs, Discipline Chair, Psychology
Office: North Campus, TS-229
Ph: (704) 330-4147; Fax: (704) 330-4120


Rick Coulter, Discipline Chair, Sociology
Office: Levine Campus, LV-2450
Ph: (704) 330-4248; Fax: (704) 330-4270


Keon Chambers , Instructional Office Assistant
Office: Levine Campus, LV 3439A
Ph: (704) 330-7206; Fax: (704) 330-6009

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