Internal Audit Office

Welcome to the CPCC Internal Audit Office's web site. This site provides information about our office and CPCC policies and procedures, as well as, references to other informative sites.

The Internal Audit Office is a staff function in the College’s administration. The office assists all levels of administration in the achievement of the College goals and objectives by striving to provide both quality customer service and a positive impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative functions.

The Office achieves this impact by providing ongoing, objective, and independent reviews of internal controls and independent appraisals, analyses, and counsel related to the assessment of business risk. In addition, suggestions and recommendations for improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of business functions, and compliance with federal and state regulations as well as college policies and procedures are provided.

The CPCC Internal Audit staff is committed to assisting college management by providing an independent appraisal within Central Piedmont Community College to determine the appropriateness, soundness, and adequacy of the college's accounting, financial, and operational controls. These appraisals provide information and recommendations to the college's administrators.

In addition to the formal audits, we are happy to answer questions and give advice regarding specific policies and procedures and act as consultants on internal controls.

We hope this site will provide you with helpful information regarding the Internal Audit Office and our function. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments.

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