ATD Coach and Data Facilitator

alice_villadsenDr. Alice Villadsen
Former Vice President for Instruction at CPCC.Retired President of Brookhaven College (Dallas County Community College System).Currently coaches Achieving the Dream colleges in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.Very excited about coming back to work with CPCC (“the jewel in her crown”).








ken_gonzalezDr. Ken Gonzales
Data Facilitator
Associate Professor of Education at the University of San Diego as well as faculty coordinator for the specialization in college counseling and student development.Is a nationally known qualitative expert, trains focus group facilitators, currently works with multiple AtD colleges (OK, OH, NM, CA).

He recently founded the South Bay Collaborative for College Readiness, a non-profit early college outreach center dedicated to increasing the number of students from low-income families attending college.  Also a “really nice guy.”