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About the Arts: Visual, Performing, and Interior Design Division

CPCC's Arts: Visual, Performing and Interior Design Division encompasses the Interior Design program as well as a wide variety of disciplines in the Visual and Performing Arts, like dance, drama, music and visual arts.

For more information about one of our programs, contact the Program Office or Program Chair for the specific program:

Dance Department Chair: Clay Daniel
Phone: 704.330.3925 | Office: 235 Sloan-Morgan, Central Campus

Drama Department Chair: Tom Hollis
Phone: 704.330.6835 | Office: 331 Overcash, Central Campus

Interior Design Program Chair: Mick Campbell
Phone: 704.330.6548 | Office: 2116 Levine Technology, Central Campus

Music Department Chair: Craig Bove
Phone: 704.330.6757 | Office: 247 Sloan-Morgan, Central Campus

Visual Arts Department Chair: Mary Kilburn
704.330.6875 | Office: 156 Overcash, Central Campus

All offices can be found on the Central Campus.

The Division Office & Staff

Location: 131 Sloan-Morgan, Central Campus
Phone: 704.330.6618 | Fax: 704.330.6438

Division Director: Alan Yamamoto

Phone: 704.330.6978 | Office: 129 Sloan Morgan, Central Campus

Instructional Office Assistant: Angela Cook

Phone: 704.330.6818 | Office: 131 Sloan Morgan, Central Campus

Enrollment Information

For Course Requirements, current students can login to MyCollege and click on Program Evaluation to determine the course requirements for your program of study, or any program of study in which you might be interested.

For Course Descriptions, including prerequisites, refer to the College Catalog. For your convenience, a link to the catalog is available in the footer of each page on the CPCC website.