A.A.S in Interior Design

Increasingly, our interior living and working spaces are being developed for a more sophisticated society. The Interior Design program at CPCC prepares students to design the interior spaces of today and tomorrow using the best of today's technology.

Official Program Description Registered with the NC Department of Community Colleges: The Interior Design curriculum is designed to prepare students for a variety of job opportunities in the fields of both residential and non-residential interior design. The focus of the studies is technical knowledge, professional practices, and aesthetic principles.

Curriculum content includes residential and non-residential interior design, architectural drafting, computer aided design, and universal design. Also included are basic design, history of interiors and furnishings, color theory, products, business practices, graphic presentations, and general education courses.

Graduates should qualify for a variety of jobs including residential and commercial interior design, set design, showroom design, and sales positions for furniture, textiles and accessories, and all businesses dealing with interiors.
Degree/Certifications Awarded: Students may pursue the Associate of Applied Science Degree - Interior Design or the Diploma in Residential Interior Decoration. These awards will be bestowed by the College upon successful completion of the respective program.

Additional Educational Opportunities: With computers now an integral design tool, many Interior Design students are also completing the Certificate in Computer Aided Drafting/Design, offered by the Architectural Technology department, as a part of their regular coursework. Careful planning will allow the student to attain this certification with the completion of only one or two additional courses.