Online Learning Introduction

Unsure if taking online courses is the best option for you? Complete the Online Learning Introduction. The introduction will prepare you for the unique online learning experience.

Research shows that students who sign up for online courses are often unaware of and/or unprepared for their unique demands (as compared to face-to-face courses).

The online learning introduction is an interactive orientation designed to prepare you to take online courses at Central Piedmont by providing you with the relevant information, skills, and mindset needed to be successful in a fully online course. It is housed in Blackboard (Central Piedmont’s learning management system, which is the system the college uses to deliver online courses). 

If you have earned less than a "C" or have withdrawn from all of your online classes within the last three years and wish to enroll in an online course, you must take the Online Learning Intro and earn a 70% or higher on the post-Online Learning Intro Assessment.

This includes transfer students and high school students. If you attempt to register for an online class without having completed the online learning intro, you will receive a block and a message telling you you have to complete the online learning intro before you can register.

Students are not exempted from taking the online learning intro under any circumstances.

Completing the Online Learning Introduction

The online learning intro consists of the following three modules as well as a final assessment:

  • Online Student Success
  • Blackboard 101
  • Central Piedmont Policies, Procedures, and Support Resources

On average, it takes people about 45 minutes to complete the online learning intro.

You will need access to a desktop computer or laptop with internet access, an up-to-date web browser, and working headphones or speakers to complete the online learning intro. Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are the best browsers to use for the online learning intro.

Students have reported technical issues when using Internet Explorer. Taking the online learning intro on a smartphone or tablet is not encouraged. If, during or upon completion of the online learning intro, you realize that online learning is not for you and choose not to register for any online classes, you should still have the option to register for seated (face-to-face) equivalents of online classes.

Online Learning Introduction Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow the following step-by-step instructions for accessing and completing the online learning introduction. You can also watch a video of the instructions (the video clip has no audio). If you have any questions or technical issues while accessing or completing the online learning intro, contact the ITS HelpDesk at 704.330.5000 or helpdesk@cpcc.

  1. Visit to access the Blackboard system.
  2. Enter your Central Piedmont username and password when prompted to log in.
  3. Once you are logged in, select Organizations.
    organizations tab in Blackboard
  4. In the organization search box, enter "online learning" and click "Go."
    organization search box in Blackboard
  5. In the list of organization ID options, select "Org_Online_Learn_Intro."
    organization ID options in Blackboard
  6. You will receive a message indicating you are not yet enrolled. Select "Click here to enroll" to complete the enrollment process.
    enrollment link in Blackboard
  7. You will receive a message saying "Access Denied." Ignore this message and click the "Enroll" link.
    access denied message and enroll link in Blackboard
  8. You will receive a message asking for confirmation that you want to enroll in the online learning intro. Click the "Submit" button to complete enrollment.
    access denied message and enroll link in Blackboard
  9. You will receive an "Action Successful" message to indicate you are successfully enrolled in the online learning intro. Click "OK" to continue.
  10. Under "Announcements," click "Begin CPCC Online Learning Intro."
    begin online learning intro link in Blackboard
  11. To access the modules, select "CPCC Online Learning Intro," which will open in a new window. Complete the intro on a laptop or PC with an up-to-date web browser, using headphones or a speaker.
  12. Once you complete the online learning Intro, click “Mark Reviewed” to access the online learning intro assessment. You must earn a 70% or higher before registering for your online class. You are allowed to take the assessment as many times as necessary.
online learning assessment link

After you complete the assessment, please be sure to take a few minutes to give us feedback about your experience using the "Take the Survey!" link.

online learning intro survey link

Within a few minutes after completing the online learning intro assessment, you will be able to register for online classes. If you complete the online learning intro but are still prevented from registering for an online class within a few minutes, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 704.330.5000 or If all online sections of your desired class are full, first check to see if there are any hybrid or seated (face-to-face) sections available. If not, then schedule an appointment with an advisor to find out what other options are available to you.

On-Campus Blackboard Practice Sessions 

We also offer a great opportunity to have an instructor-led introduction to the Blackboard learning management system via optional face-to-face on-campus Blackboard practice sessions.