Where can I register for a CPCC class?

Online at myCollege, or at any CPCC Campus Registration Office.

I want to take a class online. How do I register for an eLearning class?

Admissions, registration and payment processes are the same for eLearning classes as for traditional classes.  An online orientation is recommended for students enrolled in eLearning classes.  Check the eLearning website for additional information about offerings and requirements.

Where can I find out about registration dates and deadlines?

Click here for registration and withdrawal dates.

What is Priority Registration?

Priority Registration helps ensure that degree seeking students reach their educational goals. Click here for more information.

I received an error when registering online. What does it mean?

  • You can't place … on the schedule at this time. You are not allowed to register for the "\1" time period.
    • Definition: The class has already started. It is too late to register.
    • Action: Make sure you are registering for the correct term.
  • Prerequisites have not been started.
    • Definition: Either the student has not met the qualifications for this class or has exceeded this class.
    • Action:
      • If you have not taken the prerequisite, this prerequisite class will need to be taken first before you can register for the course you want.
      • If you have taken the prerequisite course, you will need to visit an advisor or counselor with the transcripts showing this prerequisite class.
  • Warning: The student has been enrolled in a "Closed" Section.
    • Definition: This class is full.
    • Action: Find another course.
  • … requires registration in section … Section … was added to your request.
    • Definition: This co-requisite error appears when the course has a separate lab or two classes need to be taken together.
    • Action: The second half of this message indicates that the system added the class for you. No additional action needed for registration.
  • A Granted Petition is required for registration in…
    • Definition: Departmental Permission is required to attend this class or section. Many departments will lock classes for a variety of reasons such as when special care needs to be taken to prevent students taking the wrong sections, to isolate courses for specific majors, holding seats for graduating students, or because two classes are tied together as in the case of Learning Communities courses.
    • Action: Try a different section of the course.
  • … conflicts with …
    • Definition: This indicates a time conflict which cannot be lifted. You will be able to see the full time for your courses if you click on the name of each course in MyCollege when you are either searching or registering.
    • Action:
      • If this time conflict was caused by clerical error, the department would be required to correct the error thus eliminating this error.
      • Choose a different course.