Online Services

I've heard about a CPCC Login account. How do I get one?

For access to email, online instruction and other electronic services, all students need a CPCC Login account (formerly SNAP). Click here for information and instructions about CPCC Login accounts.

Are the CPCC Login and my student number the same thing?

No, the CPCC Login is your user name for the online system. The Student ID number is a computer generated number that can be used in place of your Social Security Number when speaking with a college representative or completing college forms such as registration forms.

How do I obtain my CPCC Student ID number?

To obtain your CPCC Student ID number online, you will need to set up your CPCC Login first. By clicking on "I don't know my Student ID", the system will let you enter your Social Security Number. After you have obtained a CPCC Login and password, click on "Manage Account" and log in, then choose the "My ID - View My Student ID" option.

You are also able to obtain your Student ID number with picture ID, such as a driver's license, at any CPCC Campus.

Does CPCC provide email accounts for students?

Yes, and, in fact, information that you need to be aware of as a CPCC student will often be communicated via your student email account.  Click here for information about student email accounts and other online services.

My question was not answered here. Are there any more Frequently Asked Questions regarding Online Services?

Yes, visit the On-line Services' Frequently Asked Questions webpage.