Site Editing Unavailable

In preparation for the April 30 launch of the new website, there is a hold on content updates for the entire month of April 2019 to ensure accurate and up-to-date content is included in the new website when it goes live.

We will be able to make business-critical updates to the current website during the month of April 2019.

To request business-critical changes only, send an email to with a detailed explanation of the update needed and why it is considered business critical.

The hold on updates only affects the public website – you can still make edits to the intranet, blogs, etc., during this freeze period.

Here are examples of business-critical edits:

  • Business critical: A program needs to post information about an open house coming up in the near future to boost awareness and attendance.
  • Business critical: There are necessary changes to information that is legally required to be provided – and must be posted – to maintain compliance.
  • Not business critical: You want to restructure the way content is arranged on your Web pages.
  • Not business critical: You want to post new images or change text on the page to enhance the look and feel of your content.

For more information about the website redesign project, visit the project updates site on InsideCPCC.