Study Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

  1. The study rooms are intended for current student, faculty, and staff academic use only. Exceptions will be made for recent graduates with pending state or national examinations relevant to their CPCC studies.
  2. On any calendar day, you may reserve a maximum of two hours. If you wish or need to reserve space in multiple rooms, please note that you are limited to a total of 2 hours across all of your reservations for that day. If you attempt to exceed these limits, your reservations may be cancelled, and your time slots will be available to other groups. Each group member can make a separate reservation, but please be considerate of other users and reserve no more time than you will actually need.
  3. Upon confirming your reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Save this e-mail as it will be used to settle disputes about who has reserved and has permission to use the room. You will have a fifteen minute grace period for your reservation. If you are not present within fifteen minutes of the start of your reserved time and someone else wants to use that room, you will lose your reserved time.The staff computer clock and your booking confirmation e-mail will be used to settle any disputes over time.
  4. Save your booking confirmation e-mail as it will be used to verify your reservation in the event that two people claim to have a reservation for the same space and time.
  5. The study rooms are very popular so please cancel your reservation if you will not be using the space. To do so, simply click the link provided in your room booking confirmation e-mail.
  6. Students arriving early for a reservation will be admitted no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the reservation time.
  7. Please refer any disputes to the Library staff at the Library Desk.
  8. Study rooms should remain occupied during your reserved session. Short breaks within the library building are permissible.
  9. Before leaving any study room:
    • turn off all equipment (projector and computer)
    • erase white boards
    • throw away trash
    • push in chairs
    • close the door
    • return the eraser/markers packet and any other item(s) checked out for the room to the Library Desk