Career and College Promise Graduation

Career and College Promise Pathway and Degree Completer Graduation

On behalf of Central Piedmont’s department of Outreach and Recruitment and Career and College Promise, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your education goals!

Career and College Promise Graduation Steps

As a Career and College Promise student, you may be eligible for an associate degree with Central Piedmont. To receive a college degree you will need to have completed the 60+ credit hours for an associate. Completing a Career and College Promise pathway is not the requirement for a degree conferred and will not allow graduation participation.

  • Do a Self-Review of Courses Completed

    Check the courses you have completed or will have completed by the end of spring 2019. Remember as a Career and College Promise student, it is required to complete the transfer pathway before you were eligible to take the remaining courses within the associate degree. Completing a transfer pathway is not commencement participation-eligible. If you meet these requirements, please move forward with Step 2. If you are no more than two classes away from completing an associate degree, we will allow you to continue with the Career and College Promise program for the summer 2019 semester and you may still be considered to participate in the spring 2019 commencement.

    If you do not meet the criteria for Step 1, please stop here and contact your dedicated high school liaison or email about continuing for the summer 2019 semester with Career and College Promise.

  • Meet with a Central Piedmont Academic Advisor

    Academic advisors are available at any of the six Central Piedmont campuses (LINK to locations). Keep in mind that satellite campuses may require appointments. Identify yourself as a Career and College Promise student who will be eligible for graduation per a program change request.

    Advisors please note that for transcripts that indicate high school graduation before May 20, 2019 the program change request is effective for summer 2019 and that for all CMS and any other high school transcripts that indicate student graduating after May 20, 2019 the program change request MUST be effective for fall 2019.

    Once the program change request has been completed, please allow 24-48 hours before moving to Step 3.

  • Step 3: Contact the Graduation Office

    Only after meeting with an academic advisor for a program change, contact Lisa Hlastala at or 704.330.6312  to request a graduation evaluation. Please be specific in stating that you are a Career and College Promise student along with your Central Piedmont student ID number. If we have received official transcripts showing you will graduate from high school before mid May, your name will be eligible to appear in the spring commencement program if confirmed by the Graduation Office by the beginning of April.

    If you attend a Charlotte-Mecklenburg High School or any other high school and meet the above criteria, you will be eligible to participate in the spring commencement. However, your name will not be listed in the program. Our spring commencement happens before you officially graduate from high school. We cannot issue a degree until your official transcript is on file. Your name will appear in the summer commencement program.