Central Campus DVDs

  1. DVD 1 FREE WILLY 1993 (Eng/Fr/Sp Sound. & Subtitles) Busted for painting graffiti all over Willy the whale's holding tank at a theme park, abandoned malcontent Jesse (Jason James Richter) is promptly sentenced to clean up his handiwork and unexpectedly bonds with the equally unruly orca while working off his punishment. Meanwhile, the park's conniving owner (Michael Ironside) decides Willy is worth more dead than alive. PG, Family, Adventure, Drama 112 min.
  2. DVD 2 Michael 1996 (Eng, Fr, Spa Sound, Eng, Subtitles) Two struggling tabloid reporters and an "angel expert" are sent by their boss to check out an old kook who claims to have an angel living with her. Sure enough, the guy's got wings, but he's also into smoking, drinking and womanizing. Unconvinced that Michael (John Travolta) is not an Earthly being; the reporters take him to Chicago, when Michael's unconventional methods begin to work heavenly magic. Director Nora Ephron also wrote the script. PG Rated Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, 102 min.
  3. DVD 3 Space Jam 1996 (Eng/Fr/Sp Sound & Sub.) Space Jam marks the film debut of basketball legend Michael Jordan, who plays himself opposite some rather "colorful" co-stars... When the Looney Tunes bunch are kidnapped to another planet by the dastardly Swackhammer, Bugs Bunny challenges them to a basketball game to win their Frdom. 88 min. rated G.
  4. DVD 4 LA FEMME NIKITA 1990 (Eng/Fr Sound & Sub.) A beautiful junkie condemned to death for the murder of a policeman is given a chance to live - as a secret political assassin controlled by the government. Her lonely existence is warmed when she falls in love with a gentle, humorous man who knows nothing of her bizarre and mysterious life. R Rated, Crime, Drama, Romance,117 min.
  5. DVD 5 Christmas Vacation 1989 (Eng/Fr Sound & Sub.) National Lampoon, You know exactly what you're getting in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: another goofball, slapstick comedy of chaos and catastrophe with Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and family. PG-13 Rated , Comedy, 97 min.
  6. DVD 6 the Matrix Revolutions with (Eng/Fr Sound & Sub. Eng/Fr) 2003 The human city of Zion defends itself against the massive invasion of the machines as Neo fights to end the war at another front while also opposing the rogue Agent Smith. R Rated, Action, Science Fiction, and 129 min.
  7. DVD 7 I Dream of Jeannie1965 (Eng/ PT/ Sp sound with PT, SPA Sub) Captain Tony Nelson is an astronaut. While on a mission, he discovered a mysterious bottle. Opening it, he released Jeannie (a Genie) who was so overjoyed at her release she promised to serve Captain Nelson. Nelson is unsure what to make of Jeannie, especially given that his work is highly secret and his superiors tend to keep a close eye on him. Not rated, 2 DVDs, 654 minutes.
  8. DVD 8 HERCULES (Eng/Fr/Sp Sound & Eng Sub.) 1997 The son of the Greek Gods Zeus and Hera is stripped of his immortality as an infant and must become a true hero in order to reclaim it.G Rated, Animation, Adventure, Family, 93 min.
  9. DVD 9 TARZAN (Eng/Fr/Sp Sound, Eng, Sub.) 1999 The lord of the jungle soars though the trees as never before in this Disney favorite, thanks to a revolutionary advance in animation that integrates hand-painted characters with computer-generated backgrounds. Tarzan (Tony Goldwyn) tries to fit in with his adopted ape family and then has to save them and Jane (Minnie Driver) From villainous poacher Clayton (Brian Blessed). Phil Collins's theme won as Oscar for Best Original Song, G Rated, Animation, Adventure, Drama 88 min.
  10. DVD 10 Le petit Nicolas (Fr, sound, Fr, Eng sub) Nicolas overhears a conversation between his parents which leads him to believe that his mother is pregnant. He panics and fears the worst: soon, there will be a little brother who will occupy so much attention that his parents won’t have time for him...To escape this imagined fate, Nicolas launches a major charm offensive against his parents in order to make himself indispensable. He was there first so, by rights, it’s the baby who should disappear…Nicolas and his pals concoct all manner of plans to get rid of the baby, resulting in increasingly wacky adventures where the children, unaware of the risks they are running, wreak havoc throughout the town.Comedy-Drama, NR rated, 87 min
  11. DVD 11 Beethoven 2 (Eng/Fr/Sp Sound & Eng/Sp Sub.) Disney The lovable St Bernard pup grows up!
  12. DVD 12 Beetle Juice 1997 (Eng/Fr/Sp Sound & Sub.) What's a yuppie ghost couple to do when their quaint New England home is overrun by trendy New Yorkers? They hire a Freelance "bio-exorcist" to spook the intruders. 92 minutes, rated PG.
  13. DVD 13 Africa, The Serengeti (Eng/Fr/Sp/Ger/Kor/Mand/Jap/Catalan Sounds) Takes you on an extraordinary journey to East Africa to view a spectacle few humans have ever witnessed- The great migration. Not Rated, 40 minutes.
  14. DVD 14 Jo Soy Cuba- I Am Cuba (Sp/Russian Sound & Eng Sub.) 1964 This film is an epic poem to Communist kitsch - a whirling, feverish dance through the sensuous decadence of Batistas Havana and the grinding poverty and oppression of the Cuban people. In 4 main stories showing the rise of the revolution, the viewer is taken on a roller-coaster ride of bathing beauties, landless peasants and student revolutionaries. The first movie ever jointly presented by Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese. 140 minutes, NR.
  15. DVD 15 Toy Story 1(Eng,Fr,Sp Sound & Eng Sub.)
  16. DVD 16 Ponette (Fr Sound & Eng Sub.) Drama, winner best actress Venice film festival. Ponette experiences the hopes, dreams, fears of a child following the loss of a parent. 92 min. NR
  17. DVD 17 Bandits 2000 (Ger Sound &Eng/Fr/Sp Sub.) Bandits is an exciting, fast-paced rock and roll road movie following the exploits of an all-female band on the run. 110 minutes, rated R.
  18. DVD 18 The Inheritors 1998 (Ger with Eng/Fr/Sp Sub.) The rich get richer ...sometimes the poor get richer too. When a cruel and merciless farmer is murdered, his last will and testament discloses an ironic gift: to everyone's astonishment, the old man leaves his land to the peasant workers he constantly humiliated. Set in Austrian village....turn of 20th century. R rated 94 min.
  19. DVD 19 The Return Of Martin Guerre 1982 (Fr Sound & Eng Sub.) Set in medieval France during the Hundred Years' War, follows the alleged homecoming of a soldier (Gerard Depardieu) after many years of absence. His wife finds him such an improvement--both in the sack and otherwise--From the husband who left for the Front that she ignores the villagers' suspicions that he is an impostor. NR, 123 minutes.
  20. DVD 20 Johnny 100 Pesos 1993 (Sp Sound & Eng Sub.) Based on a true story, an explosive thriller that tells the story of a misguided teenager who commits his first armed robbery with four small-time criminals. Their surefire plan immediately goes wrong and escalates into a hostage situation. In true tabloid style, the standoff with the police turns into a media circus. 95min.
  21. DVD 21 All about my mother 1999 (Sp with Eng/Fr Sub.) Pedro Almodovar film; winner of Oscar for best foreign film. Tragedy strikes hardworking mother and nurse when her beloved son is killed in a car accident. A screwball melodrama with plot twists....a real stunner. Drama, 102 min, rated R.
  22. DVD 22 Homeward Bound II, Incredible Journey (Eng/Fr/Sp Sound & Eng/Fr/ Sp Sub.) Fun-loving bull terrier pup, hilarious Himalayan cat and wise old Golden Retriever express themselves with familiar human voices. The trio journeys home hundreds of miles through the Sierras. 89min G
  23. DVD 23 Must Love Dogs (Eng. Sound) 2005 The preschool teacher Sarah (Diane Lane) divorced From her beloved husband eight months ago, but she is still very vulnerable and alone. Her family presses her to find a new Mr. Right, and her sister Carol (Elizabeth Perkins) puts her profile on the site PerfectMatch.com. She has blind dates with odd guys, but she particularly likes Jake (John Cusack), who divorced three months ago and still misses his former wife. Jake likes her too, but Sarah has one night stand with Bob (Dermot Mulroney), the father of one of her students, and Jake gives-up on her. Later Sarah finds that Jake is her perfect match. 93 min. Comedy/Romance PG-13.
  24. DVD 24 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 (Eng/Mandarin/Fr with Eng/Fr Sub.) Award winning film. Master warriors are faced with their greatest challenge when the treasured Green Destiny sword is stolen. Set against 19th century China's breathtaking landscape, this film is action-packed. Featuring stunning martial arts choreography. 120 min. PG-13.
  25. DVD 25 Life Is Beautiful 1997 (It sound with Eng Sub.) In this poignant tragicomedy, a clever Jewish Italian waiter named Guido (Roberto Benigni, who also directs and won an Oscar for his role) is sent to a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, along with his wife (Nicoletta Braschi) and their young son (Giorgio Cantarini). Refusing to give up hope, Guido tries to protect his son's innocence by pretending that their imprisonment is an elaborate game, with the grand prize being a tank.  Awards: Academy Award Winner 2002. 116 min. Rated PG-13.
  26. DVD 26 Traffic 2000 (Eng Sound with Fr/Sp/Eng Sub.) Four winner academy awards. A Mexican policeman (Benicio Del Toro) finds himself and his partner caught in an often deadly web of corruption; a pair of DEA agents work undercover in a sordid and dangerous part of San Diego; a wealthy drug baron living in upscale, Sub.urban America is arrested and learns how quickly his unknowing and pampered wife takes over his business; and the U.S. President's new drug czar must deal with his increasingly drug-addicted teenage daughter. R Rated, 147 min.
  27. DVD 27 Goya in Bordeaux 1999 (Sp Sound with Eng/Sp Sub.) In Bordeaux, France in the early 1800s, Goya suffers From strange visions and nightmares. While his young daughter cares for him, Goya reflects on his tumultuous career: a time when a passionate love affair with the beautiful Duchess of Alba and the evil crusade of Napoleon's army inspire Goya's most shocking, brilliant paintings--works that change the art world forever. 105 min. R.
  28. DVD 28 Notre Dame de Paris 1999 (Fr Sound with Fr, Eng, Sp,Ger Sub.) Rock Opera based on Victor Hugo's novel of the same name. Paris production of this musical on stage. 150 min.
  29. DVD 29 Stolen Kisses (Fr Sound with Eng. Sub.) 1968 Romantic comedy. Stolen kisses finds a 20-something Antoine Freshly released From an army prison. He embarks on a series of ill-fated jobs, finally settling on an amusing stint as a private detective. In his ever-turbulent love-life, Antoine finds himself torn between an attractive, serious-minded young violinist and a glamorous, older married woman.
  30. DVD 30 400 Coups The 400 Blows 1959 (Fr Sound Eng.Sub.) film by François Truffaut. Truffaut’s debut film established his genius and launched the series of “Antoine Doinel” films. 13-year-old Antoine receives more than his share of hard knocks From selfish parents and harsh schoolteachers. Is he a lost cause, or will his indomitable spirit prevail? BW 99 min.
  31. DVD 31 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 2001(Eng. sound) Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Adventure, Family, Fantasy, PG rated, 2 hours 32 minutes.
  32. DVD 32 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) Harry ignores warnings not to return to Hogwarts, only to find the school plagued by a series of mysterious attacks and a strange voice haunting him. Adventure, Family, Fantasy, PG rated, 2 hours 41 minutes.
  33. DVD 33 The Closet (Fr Sound & Eng Sub.) A nebbish (Daniel Auteuil) who works at a condom manufacturer learns he's about to be fired; with the help of his neighbor, he pretends to be gay so his boss can't fire him without seeming prejudiced. Then a bigoted coworker (Gerard Depardieu) tries to work his way into the nebbish's good graces because he's afraid of being fired. What makes this movie truly delightful is the superb understatement with which every gag is handled; even the sight of Auteuil wearing a giant condom tip on his head has an impeccable deadpan grace.  Each scene takes a new twist of social discomfort and befuddlement in this winning comedy. R rated, 85 min.
  34. DVD 34 XSPB Só Para Baixinhos 8 (Eng, Portuguese, Sp & Eng Sub.) It is an official release in Brazil for children. Not rated
  35. DVD 35 Butterfly (Fr Sound & Eng Sub.) For most of its running time, this story of growing up in 1930s Spin envelops the audience in a cloud of gentle, lyrical nostalgia. The evocation of long-lost boyhood is realized beautifully through the exquisite photography and the fine performances particularly that of Fernando Fernan Gomez as a kindly, dedicated teacher. But as the shadows of the Spanish Civil War creep over the story, the action gradually gets nastier, building to an ending which is as shocking as it is tear-jerking. "Butterfly," beautiful and bitterly poignant. R rated, 94 minutes.
  36. DVD 36 Amélie (Fr/ Eng with Sp Sub.) Nominated for 5 Academy Awards including Screenplay. This magical comedy met overwhelming acclaim nationwide. A shy waitress working at a tine Paris café makes a surprising discovery and sees her life drastically changed for the better! She dedicates herself to helping others find happiness...in the most delightfully unexpected ways! But will she have the courage to do for herself what she has done for others? 122min.
  37. DVD 37 Something About Mary USE TV 12 ONLY (Eng/Ger Sound & Sub.)Wild comedy/ detective caper. Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller. 114min.
  38. DVD 38 Face Off USE TV 12 ONLY (Eng/Sp/Ger Sound & all Sub.) FBI counter terrorist adventure/mega action. John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. 133 min.
  39. DVD 39 Training Day (Eng / Fr Sound & Eng / Fr Sub.) Staying on the right side of the law becomes an occupational challenge for rookie cop Jake Hoyt when he's partnered with narcotics agent Alonzo Harris, a veteran detective whom Hoyt suspects may have more in common with crooks than cops. 122 min, R Rated.
  40. DVD 40 Happenstance (Fr sound with ENG Sub.) A coincidental romance about six complete strangers affected by chance encounters during the course of one event-filled day: A charming and clever story about the "what if's" of life and love. 97 minutes, rated R (nudity)
  41. DVD 41 Too Beautiful for You (Fr sound with Fr/ Sp/ Eng Sub.) Bernard has a stunningly gorgeous wife, a thriving career and two beautiful children. But his enviable life spirals out of control when he falls madly in love with his decidedly plain secretary. 1 hr, 32 min., rated R.
  42. DVD 42A Spa 1/Standard Deviants Series: All you need to know for Spanish 1...style is mix of Monty Python, Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live. Fresh, fast-paced and fun learning of vocabulary, basic conversation, pronunciation, idioms, verbs and more. 90 min.
    1. DVD 42B Spa 2/Standard Deviants Series: All you need to know for Spanish 2...style is mix of Monty Python, Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live. Fresh, fast-paced and fun learning of vocabulary, basic conversation, pronunciation, idioms, verbs and more. 90 min.
  43. DVD 43 Son of the Bride (Sp & Fr  sound / Eng Sub.) A heartwarming story of love and the appreciation of life. Argentinean film, nominated for an academy award for Best Foreign Language Film. 124 min. Rated R (language)
  44. DVD 44 Open Your Eyes (Sp sound with Eng Sub.) In this steamy, intriguingly complex, psychological thriller the line between reality and fantasy is hopelessly blurred. R rated, 117 minutes.
  45. DVD 45 Venus Beauty Institute (Fr with ENG Sub.) Award-winning comedy follows the lives of four strong, smart women who make their living practicing beauty at a Parisian. R Rated 105 minutes.
  46. DVD 46 ADVANCED Spanish: VERBS/STANDARD DEVIANTS Learn how to conjugate verbs in preterit, imperfect, imperative, Subjunctive and future tenses. The Standard Deviants mix cutting edge technology, award-winning educational material and a troupe of young actors and comedians. Humorous skits, computer graphics and fun. 90 min.
  47. DVD 47 A Teaching Systems Spanish: Ser and Estar This DVD will capture your students' attention and make the subject, come alive! Content includes a topic based video programming, classroom notes, graphic handouts, quiz, and answer questions plus a fact filled video segment accompanied by quiz and discussion questions. Vocabulary, using ser, differences between ser & estar, conjugating ser, using estar, conjugating estar, practice sentences, review, 26 min.
    1. DVD 47 B Spanish Alphabet / Pronunciation This DVD will capture your students' attention and make the subject come alive! Content includes a topic based video programming, classroom notes, graphic handouts, quiz, and answer questions plus a fact filled video segment accompanied by quiz and discussion questions. Topics covered: vocabulary, the Spanish alphabet, pronunciation of vowels, cognates, pronunciation of tricky consonants, diphthongs, review. 26 minutes.
  48. DVD 48 NINE QUEENS (Sp & Eng/Fr Sub.) Thriller/ world of suspicion, betrayal and intrigue, where two small-time drifters team up to pull off a big-time score involving a set of valuable counterfeit stamps known as the Nine Queens. R rated, 115 minutes.
  49. DVD 49 Y Tu Mama Tambien (Sp with Eng Sub.) Julio and Tenoch are two teens ruled by raging hormones and a mission to consume exotic Substances. But one summer, the boys learn more about life than they bargain for! 1hr45min rated R sexual content.
  50. DVD 50 French Three Colors Series Blue 1996 Juliette Binoche stars as a young woman left devastated by the unexpected death of her husband and child. She retreats from the world around her but is soon reluctantly drawn into an ever widenting web of lies and passion as the dark, secret life of her husband begins to unravel. 98 min.
  51. DVD 51 Blanc Starring Julie Delpy....the mysterious tale of a man whose life disintegrates when his beautiful wife of six months deserts him. Forced to begin anew, he rebuilds his life, only to plan a dangerous scheme of vengeance against her! 92min.
  52. DVD 52 Rouge 1994 A young model whose chance meeting with an unusual stranger leads her down a path of intrigue and secrecy. As her knowledge of the man deepens, she discovers an astonishing link between his past ....and her destiny. 99min.
  53. DVD53 Mostly Martha 2002 (Ger /Eng.Sub.) In Martha's kitchen, a recipe for passion is starting to sizzle.....a tantalizing blend of comedy, romance and food. 106 min.
  54. DVD 54 Umbrellas of Cherbourg 1964  (Fr, Eng.Sub.) Cannes Film Festival Grand Prize. Musical classic starring Catherine Deneuve. Bittersweet love story ageless fairytal of doomed love. One of the most beautiful films of all times. 91min.
  55. DVD 55 The Man in the Iron Mask 1998 (Eng & Fr sound/ Eng & Fr, Sp Sub.) Leonardo Di Caprio and Jeremy Irons star in this action packed movie. It is a time of both splendor and despair. France's self-serving King Louis XIV enjoys the riches of the world while his people die of starvation. Louis fears no one - except the one person who could bring his reign to an end: the man he imprisoned for eternity behind a mask of iron. And when Louis' selfish excesses go too far, retired Musketeers vow to for the mysterious prisoner who may be France's only hope for survival. 2hrs12min.
  56. DVD 56 Selena (Eng, Fr, Sp sound and Sub.)1997 Selena is the vibrant story of the Grammy winning singer whose life ended at its creative peak. Pulsating with Selena's voice on the Sound, the film is powerfully authentic. In the title role, Jennifer Lopez captures the warmth and electricity of a beloved entertainer. 128 min.
  57. DVD 57 Buena Vista Social Club 1998 (Sp sound, Eng Sub.) Astonishing life stories, vibrant personalities, and unforgettable music of legendary performers who collaborated on the celebrated album, Buena Vista Social Club. From the crumbling neighborhoods of their native Havana, to their triumphant, sold out concerts in Amsterdam and New York's Carnegie Hall, its an unforgettable, deeply emotional journey into the passion, pride and humanity of the artists whose music Sparked a world-wide music phenomenon. 105min.
  58. DVD 58 Die Schweizer Macher 1978 (Side A GER/Side B Fr /Sub. ENG, Fr, GER, IT or SPA) Ironic satirical comedy about what it takes to pass for Swiss. Foreign DVD/ Use on TV10 or TV12 only
  59. DVD 59 City of Angels 1998 (Ger, Sp, Eng/Sub. same also Fr) What happens when an angel falls in love with a mortal? In this Hollywoodized version of Wim Wenders' "Wings of an Angel," the romance is as longing and deferred as it was in "Sleepless in Seattle." PG-13” for sexuality including language, and some nudity, 110min
  60. DVD 60 The Pelican Brief 1997 (Ger, Sp, Eng sound /Sub. same also Fr) Julia Roberts (ERIN BROCKOVICH) stars in THE PELICAN BRIEF as sharp law student Darby Shaw whose querying mind gets her into trouble. A faithful adaptation of John Grisham's (THE FIRM) best-selling novel, this taut thriller follows the travails that beset Shaw when her theory on the cause of the deaths of two Supreme Court Justices lands her name on the conspirators' hit list. When Shaw teams up with reporter Gray Grantham (Denzel Washington--THE HURRICANE) they find themselves dodging deadly assassins in a suspenseful story that weaves complex narrative strands. 135min. Foreign DVD/ Use on TV10 or 12 only
  61. DVD 61 Capitaine Conan (Fr Sound & Eng Sub)1997 Capitaine Conan is about a secret war that took place after World War I, when French troops were ordered to stay behind in the Balkans to continue patrolling the unstable borders. A monster under normal circumstances, Conan becomes a hero in battle. 130min Foreign DVD/ Use on TV10 or 12 only
  62. DVD 62 Finding Nemo 2003 (Eng/Sp/Fr Sound & Sub) A delightful animated adventure of the undersea world. When his son Nemo is captured by a scuba-diver, an anxious clown fish named Marlin sets off into the vast and astonishing ocean to find him.100min
  63. DVD 63 The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 2007 (Eng, Fr, Sp track) Mathieu Amalric stars as author and Elle magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby -- who suffered a stroke in 1995 that rendered him mute and completely paralyzed -- in this adaptation of Bauby's autobiography, which he dictated by blinking his left eye. Julian Schnabel was nominated for the 2008 Best Director Oscar (and won the Golden Globe in the same category) for his poignant docudrama about the strength of the human spirit PG13.112 min.
  64. DVD 64 Belle Epoque 1994 (Eng/Sp Sound & Sub) An elderly artist gives shelter to a deserter from the royalist army in provincial Spin, 1931. While on the premises, the young man naturally notes the beauty of all four of his host's daughters. Each takes her turn at seducing him.... a series of brief character sketches filled out by the way each woman takes charge Sexual content, 109min.
  65. DVD 65 Cinema Paradiso 1988 (Fr/ It Sound & Eng Sub.) Beautiful film about a little boy's love affair with the movies deservedly won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film and a Special Jury Prize at Cannes. A grizzled old projectionist takes pride in his presentation of screen dreams for a town still recovering From World War II. When a child demonstrates fascination not only for movies but also for the process of showing them to an audience, a lifelong Friendship is struck. 123min.
  66. DVD 66 Advertising Rules 2001 (Ger/Fr Sound & Sub.) Comedy. Trying to hold on to integrity while navigating the cut-throat and high stakes of the advertising world. 108min
  67. DVD 67 Aguirre: The Wrath of God (Ger/Eng Sound & Sub.) Portrait of ruthless greed and insane ambition. A brutal conquistador leads his soldiers into the Amazon jungle in an obsessive quest for gold. The story is of the expedition's relentless degeneration into brutality and despair, but the movie is much more than its plot. Director Werner Herzog strove, whenever possible, to replicate the historical circumstances of the conquistadors, and the sheer human effort of traveling through the dense mountains and valleys of Brazil in armor creates a palpable sense of struggle and derangement. 94min
  68. DVD 68 Huit Femmes (Eight Women) (Fr sound Eng Sub.) A "funny" murder mystery. Eight women are snowbound in a house with a dead man--a man each of them (his wife, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, daughters, housekeeper, and chambermaid) had reason to kill. Secrets tumble forth, accusations fly, cat fights flare, and confrontations turn steamy, all accompanied by campy performances of 1960s French pop songs. At first, these musical numbers seem like pure kitsch, comic and entertaining, but over the movie's course, they become strangely touching. 111min.
  69. DVD 69 Faraway, So Close 2000 (Ger/ Fr Sound & Sub.) An angel dares to cross and stumbles into the harsh reality of Post-Cold-War Berlin. 146min
  70. DVD 70 Monsieur Lazhar (2011)  (Fr Sound & Eng Sub.) Bachir Lazhar, an Algerian immigrant, replaced a teacher who died tragically in an elementary school. While the class goes through a long healing process, nobody in the school is aware of Bachir's painful former life; nor that he risks to be deported at any moment. Bachir is a humble man who is ready to transcend his own loss in order to accompany children beyond the silence and taboo of death. PG-13, Comedy, Drama, 94 min.
  71. DVD 71 Talk To Her (Sp/Fr Sound& Eng/Fr Sub.) Director Pedro Almodóvar of All About My Mother. A female bullfighter is gored by a bull and sent into a coma. Characters meet and intertwine. The story goes in directions that manage to be sad, hopeful, funny, and creepy, sometimes at the same time.
  72. DVD 72 L'Auberge Espagnole 2002 (Fr/Sp sound- Eng/Sp Sub) A delightful study abroad spoof. A straight laced French college student moves to Barcelona as an exchange student. Sharing a cramped apartment with students from all over Europe leads to intercultural chaos. It is a hilarious and enlightening party! 122min.
  73. DVD 73 Ilona Arrives with the Rain 1996 (Sp Sound Eng Sub) A beautiful woman and her long lost lover reunite. In steamy, cosmopolitan Panama City, tough-guy smuggler stumbles across Ilona, his long lost love. They begin a new scheme, in search of impossible wealth. 122min.
  74. DVD 74 The Miracle of Bern 2003 (Ger, Fr, Eng Sub.) The Soviet Union is sending its prisoners of war home in 1954. Among them is the father of a quiet, football-loving 11-year-old, Matthias Lubanski who lives with his mother, sister and brother in a West-German mining town. The boy has long found a surrogate father in the football player Helmut Rahn who has 'adopted' Matthias as his mascot. The return of the boy's father Richard casts a shadow over the once-happy family: broken by his years in captivity, Richard has trouble adapting to life in post-war Germany and alienates his family through his severity. For Richard, football is pointless, and so is the World Cup that's about to be held in Bern, Switzerland. Matthias, however, longs to be there with his idol that’s been chosen to play on the German team. Through his passion and his fighting spirit, Matthias rekindles a love of life in his dad's heart. Drama, 114 min.
  75. DVD 75 La Fea mas Bella 2006 (Sp sound Eng Sub.) Lety is a sweet, shy, romantic girl who is very intelligent, though not what you'd call "attractive. She graduates with honors in economics, and has a master's degree in finance so she sets out to find a job, not considering her appearance to be an obstacle to success. An unexpected twist of fate turns this "ugly duckling" into a lovely swan?
  76. DVD 76 La Mala Educacion 2004 (Sp Sound Eng Sub) In the early 60s, two boys - Ignacio and Enrique - discover love, movies and fear in a Christian school. Father Manolo, the school principal and the Literature teacher both witness and take part in these discoveries. The three characters come against one another again. These meetings are set to change lives. Rated: NC-17 Drama, Romance, 109 min.
  77. DVD 77 GUADALUPE 2006 (Sp sound Eng Sub.) The Spanish archaeologists Jose Maria and his sister Mercedes, travel to Mexico to investigate the Virgin of Guadalupe. Through their trips, they learn about the culture and the Mexican traditions. Our Señora de Guadalupe finally pronounces herself and guides them towards happiness and serenity. Guadalupe is an epic film that inspires, informs and entertains. Sci-Fi/Fantasy 112 min.
  78. DVD 78 "El Inmigrante" 2007 (Sp sound Eng Sub.) A documentary that examines the Mexican and American border crisis by telling the story of Eusebio de Haro a young Mexican migrant who was shot and killed during one of his journeys north. The film presents humanitarian focus in which story and character take precedent over policy. Documentary 90 min.
  79. DVD 79 Strawberry& Chocolate 1994 (Sp sound Eng Sub.) This acclaimed, Oscar-nominated film set in Cuba follows the unlikely Friendship between David , an uptight conservative, and Diego, his flamboyantly gay neighbor. At first David balks at Diego's anti-Castro leanings (which have grown especially strong in light of the government's suppression of homosexuality). However, David soon finds irresistible Diego's access to American contraband (magazines, alcohol, etc.). The film provides a light, but realistic look at the Cuban Revolution, government persecution of marginalized groups, and the tendency of human kindness to overcome hardship. Drama, 104 min.
  80. DVD 80 Good Bye Lenin 2004 (Ger sound Eng Sub.) In 1989, Christian Kerner has lost her husband and is completely devoted to the Socialist East German state. A heart attack leaves her in coma, and when she awakens eight months later, the Berlin Wall has fallen and it is a whole new world. To protect her From the shock, her son Alex hatches a plan to keep her From the news. All he has to do is turn back the hands of time. Comedy, Drama
  81. DVD 81 Downfall (Ger sound Eng Sub.) First German film to broach the Subject of Hitler straight-on since G.W. Pabst's 1956 film "DER LETSTE AKT" ("The Last Act"). 156 min)
  82. DVD 82 Sophie Scholl 2005 (Ger sound Eng Sub.) The true story of Germany’s most famous anti-Nazi heroine is brought to thrilling life in the multi-award winning drama SOPHIE SCHOLL-THE FINAL DAYS. Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, SOPHIE SCHOLL is a young coed-turned-fearless activist. Director Marc Rothemund expertly re-creates the last six days of Sophie Scholl’s life: a heart-stopping journey From arrest to interrogation, trial and sentence. Genre: Drama, War (1hr 57 min).
  83. DVD 83 The Edukators 2005 (Ger sound Eng Sub.) Jule is a waitress who can't make ends meet. She moves in with her boyfriend Peter and his Friend Jan, two young men united by their passion to change the world. But Jule has a secret: an auto accident in the past has burdened her with lifetime payments to a successful businessman named Hardenberg. Peter and Jan also have a secret: they are the notorious "Edukators," mysterious perpetrators who break into the expensive homes of local yacht club members as an act of political rebellion. Ideals are tested as generations collide, passions rage, and loyalties shatter, R Rated, 129 min.
  84. DVD 84 Beyond Silence 1997 (Ger sound Eng Sub.) a critically acclaimed story about a young girl, with deaf parents, who receives a clarinet From her aunt and is immediately consumed by it. Inspiring and moving. Drama, Music 107 min.
  85. DVD 85 Joyeux Noel 2005 (Ger, Eng, Fr sound Eng, Portuguese Sub.) in 1914, the bloodiest war ever at that time in human history, was well under way. However on Christmas Eve, numerous sections of the Western Front called an informal, and unauthorized, truce where the various Front-line soldiers of the conflict peacefully met each other in No Man's Land to share a precious pause in the carnage with a fleeting brotherhood. This film dramatizes one such section as the French, Scottish and German sides partake in the unique event, even though they are aware that their superiors will not tolerate its occurrence. Genre: War Drama 106 min.
  86. DVD 86 The Harmonists 1997 (Ger sound Eng Sub.) Harry Frommermann is poor, but talented musician writing his own pieces and dreaming of the big success. When he goes to the store nearby and listens to new records he is so deeply fascinated by the tunes that he doesn't even realize that Erna, the young employee, adores him. When the day comes where he can barely afford the food for his parrot, it is time to do something about his situation. He launches a newspaper ad looking for company to found a singing group. A concept evolves and rehearsal begins. Genre: Biography, Drama, Music, 105min.
  87. DVD 87 Black Book 2007 (Ger sound Eng, Fr, Sp Sub.) Israel 1956. Rachel, a Jew, rather unexpectedly meets an old Friend at the kibbutz where is she working as a teacher. It brings back memories of her experiences in The Netherlands during the war, memories of betrayal. September 1944. Rachel is in trouble when her hiding place is bombed by allied troops. She gets in contact with a man from the resistance and joins a group of Jews who are to be smuggled across the Biesbosch by boat to the Fred South Netherlands. Genre: Drama, Thriller 146 min.
  88. DVD 88 AMORES PERROS 2000 (Fr Sound Eng Sub. Eng,) is a bold, intensely emotional, and ambitious story of lives that collide in a Mexico City car crash. Inventively structured as a triptych of overlapping and intersecting narratives, AMORES PERROS explores the lives of disparate characters that are catapulted into unforeseen dramatic situations instigated by the seemingly inconsequential destiny of a dog named Cofi. In "Octavio and Susana," Cofi's teenage owner enters his dog into the brutal world of dog fighting to raise money for his elopement with his brother's young and appealing wife.  A powerful and profound story of love, loss, retribution and redemption, Drama, Thriller 113 min.
  89. DVD 89 Cyrano de Bergerac (Fr Sound Eng, Sp Sub.) Cyrano is a Parisian poet and swashbuckler with a large nose of which he is self-conscious, but which he pretends to be proud of. He is madly in love with his cousin, the beautiful Roxane, but does not believe she will require his love because he considers himself physically unattractive. Soon he finds that Roxane has become infatuated with Christian de Neuvillette, a dashing new recruit to the Cadets of Gascogne, a military unit. Seeing an opportunity to vicariously declare his love for Roxane, he decides to help the tongue-tied Christian, who does not know how to court a woman, gain her love, and aids him with love letters and verse describing the very emotions that he himself feels for Roxane. Drama, Action, Adventure 138 min.
  90. DVD 90 Paris, Je t'aime 2007 (Fr, Eng Sound Eng, Sp Sub.) A cinematic homage to the City of Light. Each director presents his or her own short story set in a different Parisian quarter, each one featuring a different cast of characters. The pieces vary in length, with some of them striving to tell a fully developed tale--no matter how simple the plot--while others are more abstract, content to rely on sparse dialogue and vivid imagery. Each tale is markedly unique, and specific to the quirky style of its director. The movie can feel mysterious and magical, evoking the romance and longing that the city is famous Romance, R Rated, 120min.
  91. DVD 91 Too beautiful for you 1989 (Fr, Sound Eng, Fr, Sp Sub.) Gerard Depardieu plays  an affluent car dealer who finds himself in the grip of a violent passion for his new secretary, a rather plain-looking, middle-aged woman. Seemingly a happily married man with a beautiful wife and children, he can't understand what is happening as his life is turned upside down. Depardieu and French comedienne Balasko make a completely believable couple, and the photography is stunning. Comedy, Romance R Rating, 92 min.
  92. DVD 92 Two days in Paris 2007 (Fr, Sound Eng, Sp Sub.) 2 Days follows two days in the relationship of a New York based couple; a French photographer Marion and American interior designer Jack-as they attempt to re-infuse their relationship with romance by taking a vacation in Europe. Their trip to Venice didn't really work out. They have higher hopes for Paris but the combination of Marion's overbearing non-Eng. speaking parents', flirtatious ex-boyfriends', and Jack's obsession with photographing every famous Parisian tombstone and conviction that French condoms are too small, only adds fuel to the fire. Will they be able to salvage their relationship?  Some nudity, Comedy, Drama, Romance 104 min.
  93. DVD 93 French kiss 1995 (Fr, Eng Sound Eng, Sp Sub.) Kate (Meg Ryan) and Charlie (Timothy Hutton) have a perfect life planned out before them: buying a house, marriage, kids, the whole works. Kate's fear of flying keeps her in Canada while Charlie goes to Paris for a medical convention. While there Charlie is smitten by the lovely Juliette. He calls off the wedding with Kate and she nervously boards a plane to get him back. She ends up sitting next to the petty French thief Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline). He hides a stolen necklace and smuggled grape vine in her bag to get it through customs. Along the way, Kate and Luc begin having feelings for each other -- which changes the course of their lives. Comedy, Romance, 111 min.
  94. DVD 94 The Page Turner 2006 (Fr Sound Eng, Fr Sub.) A child prodigy at the piano harbors a lifelong grudge and finally wreaks her revenge when she becomes a young woman. Rejected From the Conservatory by a malicious jury chairwoman, a ten-year-old Melanie sees her childhood dreams of becoming a professional musician crushed. Ten years later, Melanie befriends the husband of the woman who rejected her and gets herself hired as the nanny to their son in order to disrupt their peaceful home life from within. Drama, Music, Thriller, 81 min.
  95. DVD 95 La vie en Rose 2007 (Fr Sound Eng, Fr Sub.) An unchronological look at the life of the Little Sparrow, Edith Piaf (1915-1963). Her mother is an alcoholic street singer, her father a circus performer, her paternal grandmother a madam. At 20, she's a street singer discovered by a club owner and coached by a musician who brings her to concert halls and she becomes quickly famous. Constant companions are alcohol and heartache. The tragedies of her life belie the words of one of her signature songs, "Non, je ne regrette rien." The back and forth nature of the narrative suggests the patterns of memory and association. Biography, Drama, Music (2hr21)
  96. DVD 96 Volver 2006 (Sp Sound Eng Sub.) Written and directed by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar.  In this humorous fantasy Abuela revisits her hometown in the La Mancha region -- in spectral form -- to resolve problems she couldn't settle during her life. Abuela's spirit gradually becomes a reassuring presence to her daughters and granddaughter. 111 min.
  97. DVD 97Maria Full of Grace 2004 (Sp Sound Eng, Sp Fr Sub.) Maria Full of Grace is the harrowing story of an atypical drug-running "mule." Maria Alvarez is a smart, independent 17-year-old girl From Colombia who agrees to smuggle a half-kilo of heroin into the United States for a shot at a normal existence in the magical land of "El Norte" -- where she imagines the city streets must be paved with gold.101 min.
  98. DVD 98 The Lives of Others 2007 (Gr Sound Eng, Fr, Sp Sub.) Set in 1980s East Berlin, director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's debut feature (which earned an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film) provides an exquisitely nuanced portrait of life under the watchful eye of the state police as a high-profile couple is bugged. When a successful playwright and his actress companion become Subjects of the Stasi's secret surveillance program, their Friends, family and even those doing the watching find their lives changed too. 118 min.
  99. DVD 99 Montreal Take a spin around Montreal. This is an overview of the city and its attractions.
  100. DVD 100 Mystery of the Maya IMAX Theatre Collection/ Witness the splendor of the Mayan civilization (Eng, Fr, Sp, and Mandarin Sounds) Deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala and extending into the limestone shelf of the Yucatan Peninsula lie the fabled pyramids, temples and palaces of the Maya.   Filmed at numerous sacred sites throughout Central America, Mystery of the Maya explores the culture, science and history of a fascinating people. (40min.)
  101. DVD 101 German Travelogue: Introduction to the places and people of Germany. Discover unique locations to enhance your travels.
  102. DVD 102 and CD German Language Learning/Cultural Immersion Experience (60 min DVD) (45 min CD)
  103. DVD 103 Visions of Germany 2007 (Eng sound) this release takes viewers on a sumptuous visual journey of Germany, and includes informative narration, historical information, and music from natives Beethoven and Wagner. "Along the Rhine" travels down the Rhine River through the country's southwestern area, while "Bavaria" explore the southeast. In each, the lush landscape, cosmopolitan charms, and rustic architecture create a visual feast. (156 minutes)
  104. DVD 104 RDA production Montreal 2006 (Eng Sound) Downtown Montreal, Bagel Shop, Smoked Meat, Outremont, Notre-Dame Basilica, Museum, Cycling in Old Montreal, Botanical Garden, Olympic Park, Metro, ground Shopping, Mount-Royal, Park Jean-Drapeau, La Ronde, Festivals and More... (25 Minutes)
  105. DVD 105 The Jungles and Rivers of Costa Rica (Eng. sound) Costa Rica receives up to 300 inches of rainfall annually, creating lush jungles and raging rivers renowned for white water rafting and kayaking. At a rain forest reserve they explore the jungle canopy from a network of suspension bridges 350 feet in the air! They also discuss some of the sustainable development projects that have made Costa Rica a global leader in conservation. (30 Minutes)
  106. DVD 106 South América (Eng Sound) (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, and Venezuela) Explore the heart of the Amazonian rain forest; celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, visit the glaciers of Patagonia, scale volcanoes, wander through the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu and the city of the Tayrona, trek to Angel Falls or tango till dawn in Buenos Aires-Globe Trekker’s South America DVD box set offers all these experiences. Our intrepid travelers have traversed the continent to find the most unusual and exiting places. 500 min
  107. DVD 107 As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me 2003 (Ger Sound with Eng Subt.) After escaping from a Siberian labor camp in the wake of World War II, German soldier Clemens Forell (Bernhard Bettermann) makes his way toward his wife and children, traveling more than 8,000 miles over the course of three long years to reach his final destination. Hardy Martins directs this critically acclaimed adaptation of the best-selling book by Josef Martin Bauer, a true story of survival and courage.122 min.
  108. DVD 108 Spanglish 2004 (Eng, Fr sound with Sub. Eng, Fr) A beautiful Mexican housekeeper, Flor (Paz Vega), is hired by a rich Los Angeles family, everyone's life is upended in hilariously zany ways, especially when the parents (Téa Leoni and Adam Sandler) make it their mission to be so welcoming that they become overwhelming. Cultures clash with a mighty clang -- especially when the man of the house is charmed by Flor's beauty -- in this comedy of manners and mayhem directed by James L. Brooks. PG-13.131 min.
  109. DVD 109 Rosenstrasse 2003 (Ger Sound with Sub. Eng) After her father dies, Hannah Weinstein (Maria Schrader) notices that her mother, Ruth (Jutte Lampe), is acting very strangely. Is Ruth's behavior brought on by her understandable grief at the loss of her husband, or does the suffering spring from something older, something repressed? As her mother's troubled childhood is revealed, Hannah realizes how little she ever really knew about the woman closest to her. Margarethe von Trotta directs. PG-13, 136 min.
  110. DVD 110 In the Time of the Butterflies 2001 (Sp Sound with Fr, Spa Sub.) Salma Hayek steps out in a weighty, serious role as Minerva Mirabel, a resistance fighter against the popular dictatorship of Leonidas Trujillo (Edward James Olmos) in the Dominican Republic. The tempestuous Minerva leads her sisters Mate (Mia Maestro) and Patria (Lumi Cavazos) into the burgeoning resistance movement after the dictator murders their father. Hunky Marc Anthony plays Hayek's radical boyfriend. 92 min, PG-13.
  111. DVD111 Cache 2005 (Fr, Eng Sound with Eng, Sp Sub.) Winner of the Cannes Best Director Award, Michael Haneke's psychological thriller centers on wealthy French couple Georges (Daniel Auteuil) and Anne (Juliette Binoche), who begin receiving threatening videotapes and phone calls that threaten to ruin their relationship. Georges realizes who the perpetrator is but refuses to tell Anne. Yet childhood flashbacks reveal the mystery, a story that illuminates France's damaged relations with Algeria. 118 min, R rated.
  112. DVD 112 Days and Clouds 2008 (It sound with Eng Sub.) After years of putting it off, Elsa finally returns to school to pursue her art history degree. But her newfound academic bliss crumbles when her husband, Michele (Antonio Albanese), loses his job and the duo is forced to sell their gorgeous flat. The ensuing financial strain soon takes a surprising toll on their marriage in director Silvio Soldini's intimate domestic drama, shot in beautiful Genoa. 115 min Rated NR.
  113. DVD 113 Turtles Can Fly 2005 (Kurdish sound, with Eng Sub.) Residents of an Iraqi Kurdistan village await the violent arrival of the invading U.S Army. A young boy named Satellite (Soran Ebrahim) helps clear minefields and installs equipment that brings in news from the outside world. Meanwhile, three orphans wander aimlessly, the victims of tragic happenstance. As Saddam is removed from power, these innocent children must confront the harsh reality that awaits them. Bahman Ghobadi directs. 97 min, PG-13.
  114. DVD114 The Good German 2006 (Eng sound with Eng Sub.) U.S. Army correspondent Jake Geismar (George Clooney) rekindles relations with an old flame, Lena (Cate Blanchett), in this Steven Soderbergh drama set in post-World War II Berlin. When her husband is hunted by U.S. and Russian military, a desperate Lena looks to Jake for a way out. Tension mounts as Jake discovers Lena has been keeping secrets and learns of black market dealings involving his shady driver (Tobey Maguire). R Rating, 108 min.
  115. DVD 115 A Woman in Berlin 2008 (Ger, Russ, sound with Eng Sub.) Based on the best-selling diaries of an anonymous German woman who survived the Soviet invasion of Berlin at the end of World War II, this gripping drama tells the story of a photojournalist's (Nina Hoss) forbidden relationship with a Soviet officer (Yevgeni Sidikhin). After being sexually assaulted by members of the invading Red Army, she turns to the officer for support, but soon finds herself falling for him. Not rated 127 min.
  116. DVD 116 Innocent Voices 2004 (Sp Sound with Sub. Eng) Based on the true story of a now-grown Oscar Torres, this moving film (set in El Salvador in the mid-1980s) follows the drama of a young boy who must choose between enlisting in the Salvadoran army or joining up with a band of guerrillas. Director Luis Mandoki presents a society of innocent victims who are caught in a blinding cross fire, a life-or-death environment in which survival is a daily struggle.111 Min, R Rated.
  117. DVD 117 The Tunnel 2001 (Gr Sound with Eng Sub.) East German swimmer Harry Melchior's (Heino French) defection entailed willpower and a forged passport. But to get his sister Lotte (Alexandra Maria Lara) and others out, he has to team up with a motley crew to dig a 145-yard tunnel to East Berlin and ferry everyone back to safety. Set in the 1960s, decades before the fall of the infamous Berlin Wall, this critically acclaimed drama chronicles one of the most daring escapes to freedom. Not Rated, 167 min.
  118. DVD 118 Ne le dis à personne 2006 (Fr, Eng Sound with Eng Sub.) Eight years ago, pediatrician Alexandre Beck (François Cluzet) was the prime suspect in his wife's murder. He's put all that behind him, but now that two dead bodies have been found near his home, he's suspected of wrongdoing once again. The case takes an unexpected turn when he receives an anonymous e-mail showing his wife alive -- and eight years older -- instructing him to "tell no one." Kristin Scott Thomas co-stars. Not Rated, 125 min.
  119. DVD 119 The Motorcycle Diaries 2004 (Fr, Sp Sound & Eng, Fr Sub.) This foreign-language drama tells the incredible true story of a 23-year-old medical student from Argentina -- future revolutionary Che Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal) -- who motorcycled across South America with his friend Alberto Granado (Rodrigo de la Serna) beginning in 1951. Walter Salles's film is based on Guevara's diaries of the trek, a deeply personal odyssey that ultimately crystallized the young man's budding political beliefs. R Rated, 127 min.
  120. DVD 120 Children of Heaven  1997 (Fr, Fa Sound with Eng Sub.) In this Oscar-nominated Iranian drama from filmmaker Majid Majidi, a young boy (Amir Farrokh Hashemian) accidentally loses his sister's (Bahare Seddiqi) shoes and must share his own sneakers with her in a sort of relay while each attends school at different times during the day. The boy ultimately enters a much-publicized foot race in hopes of placing third and taking home the prize: a new pair of sneakers. PG Rated, 88 min.
  121. DVD 121 Le Tigre et la neige 2005 (Fr, It Sound with Eng Fr Sub.) Italian actor-director Roberto Benigni stars as a romantic poet who vows to follow his love (Benigni's real-life wife, Nicoletta Braschi) to the ends of the earth -- even if that means going to Iraq at the dawn of the American invasion. Borrowing a bit from the plot of Benigni's Oscar-winning film Life Is Beautiful, this whimsical comedy presents a world in which all camps are absurd. French actor Jean Reno co-stars. Not rated, 110 min.
  122. DVD 122 Bread and Tulips 2000 (It Sound with Eng Sub) A cosseted, unhappy housewife (Licia Maglietta) who's taken for granted by her philandering, self-centered husband (Antonio Catania) finds bella fortuna when she hitchhikes to Venice and starts to construct a brand-new life for herself. Blossoming with newfound independence, the woman begins a tentative relationship with a lonely, suicidal waiter (Bruno Ganz) that seems to bode well for both of them. PG-13, 112 min.
  123. DVD 123 Bienvenue chez les Chtis (2008) (Fr Sound, with Eng Sub.) Although living a comfortable life in Salon-de-Provence, a charming town in the South of France, Julie has been feeling depressed for a while. To please her, Philippe Abrams, a post office administrator, her husband, tries to obtain a transfer to a seaside town, on the French Riviera, at any cost. The trouble is that he is caught red-handed while trying to scam an inspector. Philippe is immediately banished to the distant unheard of town of Bergues, in the Far North of France. Leaving his child and wife behind, the crucified man leaves for his frightening destination, a dreadfully cold place inhabited by hard-drinking, unemployed rednecks, speaking an incomprehensible dialect called Ch'ti. Philippe soon realizes that all these ideas were nothing but prejudices and that Bergues is not synonymous with hell... Not rated, 106 min.
  124. DVD 124 The dinner 1998 (Fr sound with Eng, Sp sub.) Game Writer-director Francis Veber's clever comedy shadows a group of French intellectuals who gather each Wednesday night for a dinner game, in which the challenge is to bring along the most idiotic guest. Pierre (Thierry Lhermitte) thinks he's found a ringer in François (Jacques Villeret), a civil servant whose passion is making architectural models out of matchsticks. But Pierre gets more than he bargained for when François becomes his house guest. PG13, Comedy, 72 min.
  125. DVD 125 Next Friday 2000 (Eng sound with Eng sub.) In director Steve Carr's sequel to the urban comedy Friday, the streetwise Craig Jones (Ice Cube) is still rooming at his parents' house in South Central Los Angeles when he learns that his archnemesis, Debo (Tommy "Tiny" Lister), has broken out of jail. Craig's father ships his slacker son to uncle Elroy's (Don "DC" Curry) house in the suburbs. But new problems arise -- not the least of which is the girl next door. R rated, Comedy, 98 min.
  126. DVD 126 The Pursuit of Happiness 2006 (Eng, Fr sound with ENG, Fr, Sp sub.) Will Smith earned an Oscar nomination for an inspiring performance opposite his real-life son Jaden in this tearjerker about a struggling single parent who's determined to build a better life for his family. Chris Gardner (Smith) is smart and talented, but his dead-end salesman job barely pays the bills. When he and his son are evicted, they face trying times as a desperate Chris accepts an unpaid internship at a stock brokerage firm. PG 13, Biography, Drama, 117 min.
  127. DVD 127 Coco Before Chanel 2009 (Eng sound, with Fr, Eng sub.) Audrey Tautou stars as legendary French designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in this lively biopic that explores the fashion icon's storied ascension from orphan to seamstress and cabaret singer and ultimately, the queen of Parisian haute couture. Alessandro Nivola plays Arthur "Boy" Capel, Chanel's lover and influential business investor who makes a lifelong impact on the young woman. Anne Fontaine directs this Oscar nominee for Best Costume Design. PG 13, Biography, Drama, 105 min.
  128. DVD 128 Oldboy 2003 (Korean, Eng sound, with Korean, Eng sub.) With no clue how he came to be imprisoned, drugged and tortured for 15 years -- and no one to hold accountable for his suffering -- a desperate businessman seeks revenge on his captors, relying on assistance from a friendly waitress. Korean director Chan Wook Park -- a former philosophy student and Hitchcock devotee -- uses his influences to create a mesmerizing psychological drama with a resolution that will leave you speechless. R Rated,  Drama, Mystery, thriller, 120 min.
  129. DVD 129 Como agua para chocolate 1992 (Sp sound, with ENG sub.) Passionate Tita (Lumi Cavazos) is in love with Pedro (Marco Leonardi), but her controlling mother (Regina Torné) forbids her from marrying him. So when Pedro marries her sister, Tita throws herself into her cooking -- and discovers she can transfer her emotions through the food she prepares. A feast for the senses, this magical romance from director Alfonso Arau was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and a Golden Globe. R Rated, Drama, Romance, 105 min.
  130. DVD 130 Mama Mia! 2008 (Eng, Fr, Sp sound, with Eng, Fr, Sp sub.) On the idyllic Greek isle of Kalokairi, single mom Donna Sheridan (Meryl Streep) goes into a tizzy when her bride-to-be daughter (Amanda Seyfried), in a bid to learn her father's identity, invites three of Donna's ex-lovers to the wedding. Buoyed by the tunes of ABBA, this effervescent yarn -- a Golden Globe nominee for Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) -- also stars Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgård as the trio of potential dads. PG-13 Comedy, Musical, Romance, 109 min.
  131. DVD 131 Slumdog Millionaire 2008 (ENG/HINDI, FRE sound with ENG, FRE, SPA sub.) After coming within one question of winning it all on the Indian version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" 18-year-old Mumbai "slumdog" Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) is arrested on suspicion that he cheated his way to the top. While in custody, he regales a jaded inspector (Irfan Khan) with remarkable tales of his life on the streets and the story of the woman (Freida Pinto) he loved and lost. Danny Boyle directs this Oscar-winning Best Picture. R Rated, Drama, Romance, 120 min.
  132. DVD 132 The Wave 2008 (GER sound, with ENG sub.) To give his students a real-world example of how dictatorships can grow powerful, high school teacher Rainer (Jürgen Vogel) starts a social experiment that assigns some of his students a strong advantage while leaving others subservient and powerless. The classroom exercise spreads to the rest of the school, where it mushrooms into violence, discrimination and the abuse of power. NR, Drama, Thriller, 102 min.
  133. DVD 133 The Baader Meinhof Complex 2008 (GER sound, with ENG sub.) Uli Edel directs this Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nominee charting the birth of West Germany's Red Army Faction, a radical left-wing terrorist group formed in the late 1960s amid a climate of revolution and a fallen generation. Staging a series of bombings, kidnappings and assassinations, the RAF waged a war against fascism with a direct assault against the powers of American imperialism and the fledgling German democracy. R rated Action, Biography, Crime, Drama, 148 min.
  134. DVD 134 The Counterfeiters 2007 (GER, SPA sound with ENG, SPA sub.) Facing an ethical quandary, Jewish master forger Salomon Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics) must choose between abetting the Nazis and saving his own skin in this taut, Oscar-winning drama based on actual events during World War II. Assembled at a death camp, a cadre of printers, artists and chiselers is tasked with counterfeiting currencies to weaken Allied economies. But will Sorowitsch's conscience begin to gnaw at him as the war draws to a close?  R rated Crime, Drama, War, 98 min.
  135. DVD 135 Love in the Time of Cholera 2007 ( ENG, SPA sound with ENG, SPA sub.) Based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez, Mike Newell's romantic drama stars Javier Bardem as Florentino, a man obsessively in love with Fermina (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), the childhood sweetheart who rejected him long ago. Although Fermina is married to another man (Benjamin Bratt), the devoted Florentino remains on the sidelines of her life for the next 50 years, carving out a tortured relationship of longing and passion. R Rated, Drama, Romance, 138 min.
  136. DVD 136 The King's Speech 2010 (Eng, Fr sound, Eng, Fr, Spa sub) The story of King George VI of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it. Rated R, 118 min Biography/Drama/History
  137. DVD 137 Under the Same Moon 2007 (SPA sound, with ENG sub.) In this tale illuminating the plight of illegal aliens, Kate del Castillo plays Rosario, a woman working illegally in the United States to provide a better life for her son Carlitos (Adrian Alonso), who remains at home in Mexico. Longing for his mother, Carlitos stows away on a van that's headed for the border. But an already treacherous journey becomes even more so when Carlitos is separated from his smugglers (Jesse Garcia and America Ferrera). PG-13, Drama, 110min.
  138. DVD 138 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 1988 (SPA sound, with ENG, FRE sub.)After being dumped by her lover, Iván (Fernando Guillén), Pepa (Carmen Maura) finds her life -- and the lives of those around her -- spiraling out of control in this madcap farce from acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. As Pepa tries to contact Iván, her friend Candela (María Barranco) reveals her involvement with a terrorist, Iván's wife visits with loaded guns, and Iván is about to board a plane that Candela's boyfriend plans to hijack. R Rated, Comedy, Drama, 89 min.
  139. DVD 139 Paraiso Travel 2008 (ENG, SPA sound with ENG Sub.) After a long journey from Colombia to a new life in New York City, Marlon (Aldemar Correa) is separated from his beloved, Reina (Angelica Blandon), and must fend for his own in the dangerous streets of Queens, where he gets a menial job in a restaurant. While flashbacks reveal details of the couple's trek to America, Marlon starts to fall for an aspiring singer (Margarita Rosa de Francisco) in this gripping drama that also stars John Leguizamo. R Rated, Drama, 110 min.
  140. DVD 140 EVITA (ENG sound with SPA Sub.) It's easy to see Adolf Hitler's long shadow hanging over this true story about power and fame. In 1930s Argentina, small-town girl Evita (Madonna) enters show business, becomes a star and ends up married to President Juan Perón (Jonathan Pryce). Her position as the nation's most beloved woman makes her a martyr upon her death. The enigmatic Ché (Antonio Banderas) narrates the story. PG, Musical, Biography, Drama, 135 min.
  141. DVD 141 Bella 2006 (ENG sound with SPA Sub.) Two lost souls Nina (Tammy Blanchard), a pregnant, unmarried waitress, and Jose (Eduardo Verástegui), an introspective cook with a tragic past -- find solace in each other as their lives become unpredictably linked throughout the course of one incredible day. First-time director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde also co-wrote the screenplay for this inspirational story about love, hope and forgiveness. PG RatedDrama, Romance, and 91min.
  142. DVD 142 Paris 2009 (FRE sound with SPA, ENG Sub) As Pierre (Romain Duris), a young cabaret dancer sidelined by a heart condition, awaits a risky transplant surgery, he and his sister, Élise (Juliette Binoche), closely watch the streets of Paris, their lives gradually intersecting with a diverse array of strangers. Written and directed by Cédric Klapisch, this visually striking tribute to the City of Lights co-stars Fabrice Luchini, Albert Dupontel and François Cluzet. R Rated Drama, Comedy, Romance, 129 min.
  143. DVD 143 Inheritance 2001 (SPA sound) Peter, a young German, enters a suburban Buenos Aires restaurant; seeking only directions, he instead accidentally ends up with a plate smashing into his head, thrown by the irritable Olinda, the 60 year-Old Italian immigrant owner of the restaurant. The two develop a friendship once they discover that the reasons for their having moved to Argentina are strikingly similar. Not Rated, Drama, 90 min.
  144. DVD 144 A Prophet 2009 (FRE, SPA, PORT sound with ENG, PORT, SPA Sub.) Arriving at the jail   Arriving at the jail entirely alone, he appears younger and more fragile than the other convicts. He is 19 years old. Cornered by the leader of the Corsican gang currently ruling the prison, he is given a number of "missions" to carry out, toughening him up and gaining the gang leader's confidence in the process. Malik is a fast learner and rises up the prison ranks, all the while secretly devising his own plans.. R Rated, Crime, Drama, 155 min.
  145. DVD 145 Bombón: El Perro 2004 (SPA sound with ENG Sub.) After losing his job as a gas station attendant, Juan (Juan Villegas) struggles to find a new way to support himself. When a repair job unexpectedly lands him a specially bred Argentine dog, Juan decides to take his new companion onto the dog show circuit. With the help of dog trainer Walter (Walter Donado), the longtime auto mechanic sets out to conquer the world of pampered poodles and prized Pekingese. Not rated, Drama, 97 min.
  146. DVD 146 The Wind Journeys 2009 (SPA sound with ENG Sub.) In the wake of his wife's death, Ignacio leaves his small Colombian town and journeys to the country's remote northern region, resolving to return his devil-cursed accordion to the teacher who once gave it to him. His traveling companion is teenager Fermín, who aspires to emulate Ignacio's past life as an accordion-playing troubadour who roamed the countryside. Marciano Martínez and Yull Núñez star in filmmaker Ciro Guerra's enthralling odyssey. Not Rated, Drama, Music, 117 min.
  147. DVD 147 Europa, Europa 1990 (FRE, GER sound with ENG, Fr, Sp sub.) This irony-filled tale is based on the autobiography of Solomon Perel, a Jewish German who changes his name and joins the ranks of Hitler Youth in order to survive the Holocaust after he's discovered in a Polish orphanage. As he climbs higher in the Nazi ranks, being found out seems nearly inevitable especially when a gay officer and a severely anti-Semitic girlfriend are too close to discovering some irrefutable evidence. R Rated Drama, History, War, 112 min.
  148. DVD 148 Run Lola Run 1998 (GER, ENG sound with Eng, Fr Sub.) A thrilling post-MTV roller-coaster ride, Run Lola Run is the internationally acclaimed sensation about two lovers who have only minutes to change the course of their lives -- and time is running out. Lola (Franka Potente) just received a frantic phone call from her boyfriend, Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), who lost a small fortune belonging to his mobster boss. If Lola doesn't replace the money in 20 minutes, Manni will suffer the consequences. R Rated Crime, Thriller, and 81 min.
  149. DVD 149 Carol's Journey 2002 (SPA, ENG sound with SPA, ENG, SPA sub) The Spanish Civil War unfolds through the eyes of a child in Imanol Uribe's sensitive coming-of-age drama. Uprooted from her home in New York, 12-year-old Carol (Clara Lago) travels to her mother's native village in Spain. Separated from her adored father, she struggles to adjust to her foreign new life. But through her relationships with her grandfather, a teacher and a local boy, she gains perspective on her situation in a nation divided. Not Rated, Drama, Family, 103 min.
  150. DVD 150 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 (Fr, Eng sound with Eng, Sp, Fr Sub.) After learning that his mercurial ex-girlfriend, Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet), has undergone an experimental medical process to purge all memories of him, mild-mannered Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) opts for the same procedure. But during the operation, he decides he doesn't want to lose what's left of their relationship and tries to conceal her image in his memory cells. This quirky romantic comedy won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. R Rated, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, and 108 min.
  151. DVD 151 Viva Cuba 2005 (SPA,ENG sound with Eng sub.) In this Cuban coming-of-age charmer, preteens Jorgito (Miló Ávila) and Malú (Tarrau Broche) have formed a deep bond, so when they learn Malú's divorced mother plans to remarry and leave the country, taking Malú with her, the two friends go on a quest to prevent their separation. Leaving Havana and traveling on foot and by any available vehicle, the children try to reach Malú's father before he signs papers permitting her to emigrate. Not Rated, Comedy, Drama, 80 min.
  152. DVD 152 My Life Without Me 2003 (Fr, Eng sound with Eng, Fr, sub.) A mother of two stuck in a dead-end job, 23-year-old Anne (Sarah Polley) has received nothing but grief from her troubled parents and her slacker husband (Scott Speedman). But it takes an illness with a bleak prognosis to break open her longing for a better life. When she finds out she's dying, Anne makes a list of important things she wants to accomplish: get acrylic nails, sleep with another man and, most of all, realize her true potential. R Rated, Drama, Romance, 106 min.
  153. DVD 153 Midnight in Paris 2011 (Fr, Eng sound with Eng, Fr, Sp sub.) In this charming romantic comedy, legendary director Woody Allen focuses his lens on an engaged young couple whose experiences traveling together in Paris make them begin to question the kind of life they want to live. PG03 Rated Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, 94 min.
  154. DVD 154 The Chorus 2004 (Fr sound with Eng, Fr, Sp sub.) In this gentle French drama from first-time director Christophe Barratier, music teacher Clement Mathieu (Gerard Jugnot) lands a job at a boys' boarding school populated by delinquents and orphans -- and run by a martinet headmaster (Francois Berleand). Sensing potential in the rambunctious ruffians, Mathieu forms a choir to rein in his charges through the transforming power of song, even at the probable cost of his career. PG13, Drama, Music, 97 min.
  155. DVD 155 The Diary of Anne Frank 1959 (Spa, Eng sound with Eng, Fr, Sp sub.) As the "Green Police" search for Jews on the streets of Amsterdam, a young girl named Anne (Millie Perkins), her parents Otto and Edith (Joseph Schildkraut and Gusti Huber) and another family retreat for two years to the small attic of shop owners Kraler and Miep (Douglas Spencer and Dody Heath). Despite being confined to a small area and having no contact with the outside world, the families go on with their lives to the best of their ability. TV PG, Biography, Drama, History, 180 min.
  156. DVD 156 The Kite Runner 2007 (Far sound with Eng, Fr, Sp sub.) Years after fleeing the Taliban and immigrating to the United States, a privileged Afghan man (Khalid Abdalla) returns to his war-ravaged homeland to try to repay his debt to a loyal childhood friend whose trust he once betrayed. Marc Forster (Finding Nederland, Monster's Ball) directs this touchingly honest story of family, friendship and bravery, based on the best-selling debut novel by Khaled Hosseini. PG13, Drama, Romance, 128 min.
  157. DVD 157 Mother of Mine (2005) (Fin, Swe sound with Eng sub.) Director Klaus Härö tackles the real-life drama of history in this heartbreaking film set against the backdrop of World War II. Evacuated to the safety of neutral Sweden along with more than 70,000 other Finnish children, 9-year-old Eero (Topi Majaniemi) grapples with feeling abandoned by his biological parents and yet detached from his surrogate family. Unfortunately, things only get worse when he returns to a much different home life. Not Rated, Drama, 111 min.
  158. DVD 158 Inch' Allah Dimanche (2001) (Fr, Arab sound with Eng sub.) French-Algerian director Yamina Benguigi brings us the passionate story of an immigrant struggling against old world traditions. Zouina (Fjeria Deliba) leaves her homeland with her three children to join her husband in France, where he's been living for the past 10 years. In a land and culture foreign to her, Zouina struggles against her mother-in-law's tyrannical hand and her husband's distrustful bitterness as she adjusts to her life in exile. Not Rated, Biography, Drama, 98 min.
  159. DVD 159 Un Coeur en Hiver (1992) (Eng, Fr sound with Eng sub.) Stephane (Daniel Auteuil), the chief instrument builder in a violin shop, is so committed to his work that he barely notices the beautiful young violinist, Camille (Emmanuelle Beart), who's sharing a bed with his business partner, Maxime (Andre Dussollier). Problems arise, however, when she aims her passions at Stephane's cold heart. Sexual tension flares and fizzles in this subtle French drama from writer-director Claude Sautet. Not Rated, Drama, Romance, and Music105 min.
  160. DVD 160 El Bola 2000 (Sp sound with Eng Sub.)Twelve-year-old Pablo (Juan Jose Ballesta) is stuck in a deeply abusive home ruled by his tyrannical father when he meets a new classmate, Alfredo (Pablo Galan), who befriends Pablo and introduces him to a kinder, gentler version of family life. That life is personified by Alfredo's fun-loving Bohemian father, Jose (Alberto Jimenez). Writer-director Achero Manas's poignant film won more than 30 international awards, including four Spanish Goyas. Not Rated, Drama, 88 min.
  161. DVD 161 Pan's Labyrinth 2006 (Sp sound with Eng Sub.) Living with her tyrannical stepfather (Sergi López) in a new home with her pregnant mother, 10-year-old Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) feels alone until she explores a decaying labyrinth guarded by the mysterious Pan (Doug Jones), an ancient satyr who claims to know her destiny. If she wishes to return to her real father, Ofelia must complete three terrifying tasks in director Guillermo del Toro's Oscar-winning fairy tale for grown-ups. R Rated Drama, Fantasy, War, 119 min.
  162. DVD 162 Which Way Home 2006 (Eng, Sp sound with Eng, Sp Sub.) Rebecca Cammisa received a Fulbright Scholar Grant to travel to Mexico to document the plight of the children left behind when their families travel to the United States to find work. This Oscar-nominated film is the result of her journey. Cammisa and her crew follow a trio of children who set out on their own from their Latin American abodes on a dangerous trek through Mexico en route to the U.S. border and - they hope - their families' embrace. Not Rated, Documentary, 90 min.
  163. DVD 163 I've Loved You So Long 2008 (Eng, Fre sound with Eng Sub.) After more than a decade apart, estranged sisters Juliette (Kristin Scott Thomas) and Lea (Elsa Zylberstein) try to rebuild their fractured relationship. But the task is hardly easy, considering Juliette's past: She's been in jail for 15 years -- for killing someone. As she settles into small-town life with Lea's family, the locals can't help but talk. Writer-director Philippe Claudel's feature film debut garnered him a Golden Globe nomination. PG13, Drama, 117 min.
  164. DVD 164 After the Wedding 2006 (Eng sound with Eng, Sp sub.) To save the failing orphanage he runs in India, Danish transplant Jacob Petersen (Mads Mikkelsen) returns to his homeland to meet a self-indulgent businessman named Jorgen who's offered a generous donation -- and represents everything the noble-minded Jacob abhors. Complicating matters further are the unusual strings Jorgen has attached to his so-called gift. Rolf Lassgard co-stars in this Oscar-nominated emotional powerhouse of a drama. R Rated, Drama, 120 min.
  165. DVD 165 Potiche 2010 (Fr sound, with Eng sub.) Set in 1977 in a provincial town, Potiche is a witty and charming Catherine Deneuve as Suzanne Pujol, a housebound 'trophy wife' (or potiche) who steps in to manage an umbrella factory run by her tyranical husband after the workers go on strike. To everyone's surprise, Suzanne proves herself a competent and assertive woman of action. Gerard Depardieu plays a union leader and Suzanne's ex-beau who still holds a flame for her. Francois Ozon has created a satirical and hilarious take on the war between the sexes and classes. R Rated, Comedy, 103 min.
  166. DVD 166 Les Petits Mouchoirs 2011 (Fr sound, with Eng sub.) Despite a traumatic event, a group of friends decide to go ahead with their annual beach vacation, and with that decision their relationships, convictions, conscience and friendships are sorely tested. They are finally forced to own up to the little white lies they have been telling each other and themselves. Comedy/ Drama, 154 min. Not rated.
  167. DVD 167 Rito Terminal 2004 (Sp sound with Eng sub.) Journey into the realms of magical realism as indigenous beliefs and native culture come face-to-face with the modern world. A photographer visiting a celebration of the patron saint of a small village community loses his shadow and is drawn into a world of witchcraft and superstition. During a traditional funeral ceremony, a spiritual exchange causes him to lose his sense of the convictions that bind him to the "real" world. Soon he is forced to confront the question of what is left behind when you submit, unconditionally, to progress as he becomes a trespasser into realms spiritual and sacred, where reality is denied by the senses. Not Rated, Drama/ Mystery, 110 min
  168. DVD 168 Lincoln 2012 (Eng, Fr, Sp sound with Fr, Sp sub.) Capturing the danger and excitement of political intrigue, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln chronicles the final four months in the life of the man regarded as America's greatest President. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role, the untold story focuses on a defining moment in Abraham Lincoln's life - as commander-in-chief of a country in chaos; as a husband and father afraid of losing his own son to the war; and as a man guided by his conscience to end slavery. With the Civil War nearing conclusion, President Lincoln fights to convince a fractious Congress to pass a Constitutional amendment that will change the course of history. Facing fierce opposition, he wages a battle of strategy, persuasion, and political muscle to build a coalition out of his team of rivals. PG-13 Rated, Biography/History, 150 min.
  169. DVD 169 Head-on 2005 (Ger, Tur Sound with Ger, Tur. Sub.) Following the death of his wife, a distraught Turkish man rapidly begins to destroy himself. After a near-fatal car crash, he is hospitalized and soon befriends a suicidal woman while they both recover. Deciding to marry her in order to please her strict Muslim family, he starts to fall madly in love with her as fate slowly tries to tear them apart. R Rated, Drama/Romance, 118 min.
  170. DVD 170 La Cienaga 2005 (Sp sound with Eng sub.) Mecha is a middle-aged woman with several accident-prone teenagers, a husband who dyes his hair, and the tedious problem of sullen servants. To avoid the uncomfortably hot and humid weather, they spend their summers at a country estate whose glory has long faded, where the swimming pool is filthy, but still offers some relief. Mecha’s cousin, Tali lives in the nearby city La Ciénaga and has a crew of small, noisy children and a husband who loves his home, his kids, and hunting. Before long, the crowded, rough-and-tumble domestic situation strains both families’ nerves, exposing repressed family mysteries, and tensions that threaten to erupt into violence. Comedy/Drama 100 min.
  171. DVD 171 The Last King of Scotland 2006 (Sp, Eng sound with Sp, Eng, Fr sub) A Scottish doctor on a Ugandan medical mission becomes irreversibly entangled with one of the world's most barbaric figures: Idi Amin. Impressed by Dr. Garrigan's brazen attitude in a moment of crisis, the newly self-appointed Ugandan President Amin hand picks him as his personal physician and closest confidante. Though Garrigan is at first flattered and fascinated by his new position, he soon awakens to Amin's savagery--and his own complicity in it. Horror and betrayal ensue as Garrigan tries to right his wrongs and escape Uganda alive. R Rated Drama / Adaptation 121min.
  172. DVD 172 The First Day of the rest of your life 2008 (Fr sound with Eng sub) An uplifting saga in which a family like any other... but in the most unexpected ways. Marie-Jeanne and Robert have three children: Albert, Raphaël and Fleur. Over the course of twelve eventful years, we see five key days as seen through the eyes of each one of these characters. Five days are crucial in these lonely, vibrant, frustrated, elated and triumphant live. Five days whose consequences reverberate through this family like thunder and lightning of a gathering storm. These five days are more important than any other day. After you've experienced them, nothing will ever be the same again. 15 years or more, Drama, 108 min.
  173. DVD 173 My Afternoons with Margueritte 2010 (Fr sound with Eng sub) Is the faithful love story between a genial, a working man and an older woman. He meets her on a park bench, she reads to him, and he blossoms. But that's nothing compared to the treatment he receives at the hands of his mother who didn’t miss an opportunity to remind him that he's unwanted child. Margueritte seems to be the only person besides his girlfriend to see something special in Germain. She is 97 and a pleasure to watch and to listen to. Not Rated, 82 min Comedy / Drama
  174. DVD 174 The QUEEN 2006 winner of the 2006 Academy Award (Eng sound, Spa sub) Diana the 'People's Princess' has died in a car accident in Paris. The Queen and her family decide that for the best, they should remain hidden behind the closed doors of Balmoral Castle. The heartbroken public do not understand and request that the Queen comforts her people. This also puts pressure on newly elected Tony Blair, who constantly tries to convince the monarchy to address the public PG13, 103 min Biography/ Drama
  175. DVD 175 The French Minister (Quai d’Orsay) 2013 (Fr sound, Eng, Spa sub) Doors slam and papers fly in this off-the-wall comedy about French politics directed by Bertrand Tavernier. Tavernier's blistering assault - based on the award-winning graphic novel by Abel Lanzac, a former government speech writer - zeroes in on fictional Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandre Taillard de Vorms. A human whirlwind and a man confident in France's importance on the world stage, de Vorms takes on American neo-cons, corrupt Russians and the opportunistic Chinese while his hapless speech writer (Raphael Personnaz) endures the eccentricities of his megalomaniacal boss and his sycophantic entourage. Not Rated, 110 min, Comedy
  176. DVD 176 Hannah Arendt 2012 (Ger sound Eng, Ger sub) The sublime Barbara Sukowa reteams with Margarethe von Trotta (Vision, Rosa Luxemburg) for her brilliant biopic of influential German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt. Arendt s reporting on the 1961 trial of ex-Nazi Adolf Eichmann in The New Yorker controversial for her portrayal of Eichmann and the Jewish councils introduced her now-famous concept of the banality of evil. Using archival footage of the trial and weaving a narrative that spans three continents, von Trotta beautifully turns the often-invisible passion for thought into immersive, dramatic cinema. Hannah Arendt co-stars Klaus Pohl as philosopher Martin Heidegger, Nicolas Woodeson as New Yorker editor William Shawn, and two-time Oscar Nominee Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs) as novelist Mary McCarthy. Not Rated, 113 min, Biography, Drama.
  177. DVD 177 The Artist 2012 (Eng sound, Spa sub) Hollywood 1927. George Valentin (Academy Award Winner Jean Dujardin) is a silent movie superstar. The advent of the talkies will sound the death knell for his career and see him fall into oblivion. For young extra Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo), it seems the sky's the limit - major movie stardom awaits. THE ARTIST tells the story of their interlinked destinies.  PG13, 100 min, Comedy/ Drama.
  178. DVD 178 The edge of heaven 2008 (Eng, Ger Sound, Eng. Sub) Fatih Akin, the critically-acclaimed director of HEAD-ON, weaves overlapping tales of friendship and sexuality into a powerful narrative of universal love. Six characters are drawn together by circumstances-an old man and a prostitute forging a partnership, a young scholar reconciling his past, two young women falling in love, and a mother putting the shattered pieces of her life back together. Akin's piercing sense of the human condition and contemporary world events charge these hyperlinked stories into a multi-cultural powder keg. Not Rated, 116 min, Drama.
  179. DVD 179 The Class 2008 (Fr, Spa, Eng sound, Eng, Spa sub) (Academy Award Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film) follows the year in the life of a French schoolteacher working at a high school in a tough neighborhood of Paris. Cultures and attitudes often clash in the classroom. As amusing and inspiring as the teenage students can be, their difficult behavior can still jeopardize any teacher's enthusiasm for the low-paying job. Insisting on an atmosphere of respect and diligence that's neither stuffy nor severe, his frankness often takes the students by surprise. But his classroom ethics are put to the test when his students begin to challenge his methods. PG13, 128 min, Drama.
  180. DVD 180 The City of Lost Children 1995 (Eng., Fr, sound, Eng, Fr, Spa sub) One of the most unique and visually stunning films in years, The City of Lost Children concerns a malevolent scientist who attempts to unlock the mystery of dreaming. To this end, he kidnaps young children and studies them as they sleep. From Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of Amelie and Alien: Resurrection. R rated, 112 min, Fantasy.
  181. DVD 181 Amour 2012 (Fr sound, Eng. sub) Insightful. Original. Exquisite. Georges and Anne have known a lifetime of love within their intimate marriage. Though their bond has survived time’s test, it’s about to meet its greatest challenge. Acclaimed director Michael Haneke brings a performance tour-de-force to the screen in a film that exalts the beautiful, compassionate and courageous within us all. PG13, 127 min, Drama, Romance.
  182. DVD 182 The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014 (Eng. Fr, Spa sound, Eng. Fr, Spa sub) The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous hotel from the fictional Republic of Zubrowka between the first and second World Wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. R Rated, 100 min.
  183. DVD 183 Wings of Desire 1987 (Ger. Eng sound, Eng. sub) Damiel, an angel perched atop buildings high over Berlin who can hear the thoughts—fears, hopes, and dreams—of all the people living below. But when he falls in love with a beautiful trapeze artist, he is willing to give up his immortality to come back to earth to be with her. Made not long before the fall of the Berlin Wall, this stunning tapestry of sounds and images, shot in black and white and color by the legendary Henri Alekan, is a movie poetry. PG13, 127 min, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery.
  184. DVD 184 Barbara 2012 (Ger. Sound, Eng. Sub) East Germany, 1980. Barbara Wolff is a young doctor who has applied for an exit visa from the GDR and, as punishment, has been transferred from her prestigious post in Berlin to a small pediatric hospital in the country. She must weigh her absolute dedication to her patients against a potential escape to the West, and her newfound attraction to a doctor in whom she sees a kindred spirit. PG-13, 105 min, Drama.
  185. DVD 185 La Scorta (Ita. Sound, Eng. Sub) Sicily, 1992: When a high-profile judge and his bodyguard are brutally murdered, four reluctant young cops are assigned as 'the escorts' - to protect the replacement prosecutor from Mafia assassins. But in a country where high level corruption and sudden violence are a way of life, the squad quickly find themselves outnumbered, outgunned and desperately out of time. Even if they can survive the daily threat of car bombs and ambushes, will personal conflicts and backroom betrayals blow apart the nation's most unlikely team of heroes? Not Rated, 96 min, Crime, Drama, and Thriller.
  186. DVD 186 The Colors of the Mountain (Spa. Sound, Eng. Sub) Young Manuel lives with his hard-working farmer parents in the remote, mountainous region of the Colombian countryside. While the adults in their lives try to avoid both the armed military and the guerrilla rebels fighting each other in the area, Manuel and his friend Julián are obsessed with playing soccer any chance they get. Shortly after his birthday, the new ball Manuel received as a gift gets kicked off to a minefield, and he, Julián and their albino friend Poca Luz will do everything in their power to recover their prized belonging an essential part of their everyday lives and dreams. Not Rated, 93 min, Drama.
  187. DVD 187 Schoolhouse Rock! Two discs (Eng sound with Eng Sub) Hey, do you know about the U.S.A.? Do you know about the government? Can you tell me about the Constitution? Hey, learn about the U.S.A.! This video is an easier tool to learn information about the USA, and it is put to music. These individual lessons create a friendly learning atmosphere for students to learn important lessons in all core areas. Disc 1 is 153 mins and Disc 2 is 130 mins.