Success Through Academic Reporting (STAR)

STAR: Success Through Academic Reporting is Central Piedmont's college-wide quality enhancement plan focused on student success. STAR is an early alert system to notify you of your progress in your eight-week or longer classes. STAR helps you improve or maintain your academic status. All of your full time and part time instructors — with the exception of developmental reading and English (DRE) courses —will submit progress reports on your behalf within the first few weeks of the semester (before the withdraw deadline) and again at midterm.

Information and Resources

  • Students

    All curriculum students taking eight-week or longer classes (not including DRE classes) should receive STAR reports. STAR reports are like progress reports. They let you know at two key points in the semester how you are progressing. They will include feedback like: progress currently satisfactory, progress exceeds standards, excessive tardiness or absenteeism, missing assignments, low or failing grades, lack of participation. Sometimes your instructors will add additional comments to clarify the feedback.STAR reports will not go on your permanent record/transcript, but remain in the online student profile to viewed by faculty, advisors, and counselors.

    The first report (initial) is submitted by your faculty member within the first three - four weeks of the semester, depending on the length of the course. The initial report is submitted before the withdraw deadline for the course. The second report (midpoint) is submitted by your faculty member at the midpoint of the semester. Visit the quality enhancement plan calendar for an idea of when you can expect to receive your STAR reports. STAR progress reports will be sent to your Central Piedmont student email with the subject line “Your STAR Student Success Report for xyz class-section."

    If you don't receive a STAR report, schedule a time to meet with your instructor(s) who did not submit or stop by their office hours to find out how you are progressing in class(es) and if there are things you can improve. If you get an unsatisfactory report, speak with your instructor to find out more details about the report(s). If you have a question about your STAR report, you should begin by speaking with your instructor.

    Student Success Resources

    For additional student resources, visit the current students dashboard.

  • Faculty

    Please visit the employee intranet to get information about submitting STAR reports, connecting students with campus resources, STAR professional development opportunities, providing feedback about STAR, and using the online student profile (OSP). STAR professional development sessions must be completed by all part-time and full-time faculty every two years just like attendance training.

    Faculty submit STAR reports through the online student profile at or in MyCollege under Online Student Profile Tools. The feedback you can provide is broken up into three options: Positive, Neutral, and Negative. Under Positive
    you can select Progress is currently satisfactory or Progress exceeds standards. Under Neutral you can select Never Attended/Withdrew/Stopped Attending. Under Negative you can select Excessive Tardiness or Absenteeism, Low or Failing Grades, Missing Assignments, Lack of Participation. There is an optional comment box. Students do not see the positive, negative, and neutral categories, but only see the feedback options (e.g. missing assignments, progress currently satisfactory, etc.). You can view previous reports you set to your students by clicking on the STAR Updates tab in the online student profile. Students can only see their reports in their Central Piedmont student email - they do not see their STAR reports in the online student profile. You can help explain STAR to your students by adding an announcement to Blackboard when you submit the reports telling them to look for their reports in their Central Piedmont email.To help students with unsatisfactory behaviors, refer them to campus resources.

    In the online student profile, instructors, advisors, and counselors can view a student's current enrollments, view a student's personality type and learning style assessment results, log visits with a student, and view a student's previous visits with instructors and counselors. Under the Referral option, you can refer students to counseling, career exploration, tutoring, information literacy support, help from the multimedia lab, or assistance addressing non-academic critical needs.