Books in Alternative Format

Books in Alternative Format (BAF)

Students who have a documented print disability (a disability which affects one's ability to access traditional printed materials) may request copies of their books in alternative formats as an accommodation.

  • Steps to Request BAF

    Students need four items to request books in alternative format:

    1. An approved accommodation for books in alternative format.
    2. A completed Request Form.
    3. Proof of Purchase, such as a receipt.
    4. A USB flash drive or access to Google Drive (provided through CPCC email).

    Steps to request books in alternative format:

    1. Check with textbook retailers or the publisher to determine if the book is available for purchase in a format accessible for the specific print disability.
    2. Purchase the book and keep proof of purchase if an accessible format is not available. Proof of purchase is needed to make a special request to the publisher from the Disability Services office.
    3. Complete a request form for each textbook requested online, in Word format, or in PDF format. Online requests will submit automatically. Word and PDF forms should be sent along with proof of purchase to Students may also submit a receipt in person to Disability Services during regular office hours.
    4. Check for updates. Students will be contacted by phone or email with status updates.
    5. Provide a USB flash drive or request access through Google Drive, when the books are ready.

    If you have not received textbook(s) or any status updates about textbook(s) within two weeks of making the request, please contact or 704.330.2722 x 3462.

    Please keep in mind that the textbook’s publisher reserves all rights to the textbook and accessible copies are issued at the publisher’s discretion.

  • Request Form

  • Steps to Access BAF in Google Drive

    Method 1 (Recommended)

    • Log into CPCC email.
    • Locate the email invitation sent concerning the textbook. Textbook title will likely be in the subject line.
    • Click the access link within the email.
    • Click the download button (down arrow pointing to a line) in the top right corner of the preview to download the book.

    Method 2

    Log into CPCC email.
    Click the “Google apps” square in the top right corner of the webpage and select the “Drive” triangle
    On the left side panel, click “Shared with me” and locate the file.

    Method 3

    Go to Click "Go to Google Drive" in the center of the page, if needed.
    On the sign-in page, enter the student email address (in the form and click next
    Log into the CPCC login page and press enter
    On the left side panel, click “Shared with me” and locate the file.

    You can log into student email from the Student dashboard. Picture instructions for Method 1 are here.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader Directions for BAF

    • Go to “View—Read Out Loud—Activate Read Out Loud”
    • Go to “View—Read Out Loud” then tell the computer how you want to read (“Read this page only” or “Read to the end of the document”)
    • If your Adobe Acrobat does not read, you may need to use the newest version (upgrade may be necessary). You can usually find these updates on the Adobe Acrobat website for free.
  • Word or Other Digital Text File Directions for BAF

    • Download Natural Reader software for FREE (or you can opt to pay for versions that have more capabilities).
    • Open Natural reader and then click on the “floating bar” on the bottom right hand corner.
    • Select the text you would like for the program to read then click the play button.